Volta M4150EP Pad Printer

Volta® M4150EP 4-color pad printer

Pad printing equipment

4-color pad printing machine

M4150EP is an industrial grade, pneumatic 4-color pad printer machine designed for rapid job change overs. This 4 color pad printing machine is designed for rapid job setup and changeover.

It features:

  • XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies,
  • shuttle table (+/-.001″), and
  • quick-release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies.

Also, the set up for this machine is accomplished easily without the use of any tools. This pad printing machine comes with sealed ink cups. Each pad printing ink cup has a two sided ceramic ring.

Each print cycle for this pneumatic pad printer is smooth, accurate, and repeatable. The Volta™ M4150P 4-color pad printer machine comes with a user friendly standard touch control membrane similar to all Volta pad printing machines. This touch control membrane is easy to setup features including pad stroke, pad delay, and printing speed. Volta 4-color pad printer machine has ample compression capability. It can accommodate large, hard silicone printing pads – making the M4150P 4 color pad printer machine one of the most versatile, capable and cost-effective multi-color pad printing machines available on the market today. lastly, this heavy duty 4-color pad printer machine for accurate pad printing, is also built to be durable.

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Volta™ M4150P 4-color pad printer machine part handling:

This pad printer machine handles parts up to 7.3 in (185 mm) tall including the part fixture. This 4-color pad printer features:

  • a robust pad compression capability like the Volta M1200 large image pad printing machine.
  • An illuminated plate system provides visibility to the work area
  • An easy to operate touch control panel, and
  • an inking and print frequency controls. These allow the user to regulate print quality.
  • 400 – 600iph
  • Four 90mm pad printing ink cups.
  • Base cabinet
  • Heavy duty construction for years of reliable operation.

In addition, our engineers developed an intuitive membrane-touch-control feature provides ease of program adjustments and machine functions. This feature makes the Volta™ M4150P 4-Color pad printer suitable for industrial printing applications.

Suitable printing applications:

In addition, the Volta™ M4150P 4 Color pad printer is ideal for industrial pad printing applications as well as 4 color glass pad printing applications. Paired with our Natron MG screen and pad printing inks for glass, this machine comes to life.

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Boston Industrial Solutions,  provides the complete pad printing solution for any of your decorating and labeling needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pad printing machines are specialized printers that can put a 2D image on a 3D object. For these machines to successfully print on a substrate, they need three main parts: the plate, the ink cup, and a silicone pad. The plate is etched with an image. The ink cup houses the ink as it doctors (slides) over the etched plate and leaves a minuscule amount of ink in the etch. And the printing pad picks up the ink from the etch and transfers it onto the object.

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