Tagless printing on neck labels
  • 2020-06-10 12:31:12

Tagless printing

silicone ink for socks
  • 2021-08-22 15:02:21

SilTex™ AS - Silicone inks for Socks

Natron™ SilTex™ AS Silicone Ink
1.  Gripping / Non-slip / Anti-slip
2. Extreme flexibility
3. For Screen printing
4. Compliant/ Safe (BPA Free)

Applications: Non Slip Grip Yoga Socks | Non Skid Hospital socks | Anti-slip gloves. Call (781) 281-2558 for more info.

eco-friendly friendly Silicone inks
  • 2021-03-24 03:03:28
  • Textile Silicone Inks

Environmentally friendly Silicone inks for textile printing

Silicone inks are not only superior to both water based and plastisol inks, but they are also environmentally friendly.  Silicone inks are the ultimate option for printing on textiles.

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