Pad printing ink for glass

Pad printing ink for glass is a two-component ink, which means it requires a solvent and a hardener to properly mix and print. Solvent aids in the transferability and drying of pad printing ink, whereas hardener acts as a cross-linker for curing the ink for increased durability.

To qualify pad printing ink for glass you need to take into account drying times, visual appearance, various shades, and special characteristics. The Natron MG Series Pad Printing Ink is a non-toxic, fast drying, high gloss ink that is dishwasher safe if proper post-treatment procedures are followed.

The printing process

Pad printing on glass is the same as pad printing on anything else.
The silicone pad and the ink used for pad printing could be different. For example, if you are printing on glass, you need to use either a large hollow pad or a round pad, which will work best for simple logos on the front. If you are not sure what printing pads to use, reach out to us, and we will guide you in selecting the correct printing pad.
On the other hand, the Natron MG pad printing ink for glass has the best adhesion, gloss, and brightness on both glass, ceramics, and metal ceramic items.