Pad Printing on Hard Hats

Pad printing on hard hats is a cost-effective option for decorating these safety items. Tampo printing also known as pad printing is ideal for long runs and simple logo (1 – 6 colors). This printing methods offers flexibility for this oddly shaped large product. To pad print on hard hats, you need a servo driven fixtures and the right pad printing equipment. This combination allows operators to properly position and print the hard hats.

Also, pad printing hard hats is a practical way to print on hard-to-reach uneven surfaces.


Printing on hard hats is not only a great way to promote your business, but also a way to showcase safety information. Hard hat does more than protect your head, it represents you, your company, your achievements, and even your patriotism. Our top-quality VOLTA™ pad printing machines helps contractor printers to put your logo or slogan on YOUR choice of hard hat, accurately, effectively, and quickly.

Hard hats are made using ABS plastics. This material is challenging to print. To pad print on hard hats we offer several pad printing products including pad printing equipment from simple single-color machine to complex easy to operate six color pad printing machines like the VOLTA™ M6300SS 6-color pad printing machine paired with our Natron™ TP Series pad printing ink.

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TP series is a great hard hat pad printing ink. Most hard hats are made of ABS plastic because of this material’s great chemical and impact resistance. In addition, this material is also rather light. Additionally, the TP Series Ink is a hybrid pad printing ink, one of a kind pad printing ink. This ink adheres onto many substrates including metal, wood, paper, plastics and especially ABS. TP Series features high gloss, high opacity, and chemical and abrasion resistance. For this reason, the TP series is the best ink for pad printing on hard hats and ABS plastics.

The TP series should be paired with the i-300x cross-linker for maximum abrasion resistance.


We have several hard hat pad printing machine come as turn key systems.  These hard hat pad printing machines come in various sizes and are capable of printing multiple colors. These machines are ideal for printing on hard hats as well as other various pad printing applications.

Products used: