Silicone Printing Applications

The SE silicone ink is formulated for silicone printing applications. The silicone printing applications range from medical, to promotional, and industrial applications. The Natron™ SE series silicone ink for pad printing and screen printing on silicone rubber is the world’s best ink formulated for decorating silicone products. Silicone rubber substrates have low surface energy (LSE). This makes it difficult for anything else but silicone to adhere onto silicone. As a result, we developed the SE silicone inks series, DC ink series, and the SE-F series. All these inks adhere perfectly onto any silicone rubber product.


Silicone is the perfect substrate to make pet supplies and products. This is because silicone is inert, easy to clean, durable and flexible. For example; Anti-Slip Silicone Pet Food and Water Bowl Mat, dog bowls, silicone dog toys, and many more. To print on these products, you need a safe, flexible, and abrasion resistant ink. These are the qualities the SE series provides. This is the prefect ink to personalize silicone water bowls or silicone pet toys.

Products used:


There are many silicone based promotional silicone printing applications and products. such as wristbands, phone cases, and drinkware. Promotional items are made of silicone because it is durable, flexible, and easy to clean.

Promotional products need high opacity and high gloss inks. As a result, it is important to have the best silicone ink to print on these items. For printing on silicone promotional products there is no better ink than the SE Silicone ink. This ink provides high abrasion resistance and flexibility. This ink can be pad printed or screen printed


Silicone printing application are ideal for both pad printing and screen printing. To print on silicone rubber, determining the right equipment is key. For flat and round objects, we recommend screen printing. For irregular parts, pad printing is recommended. To print more than 1 color, we recommend flash drying in between colors. Unlike other competing silicone inks the SE Series does not need you remove the part to print the next color.


The M150 is a tabletop pad printing machine for silicone printing application. This 1-color pad printer prints images up to 80mm (3.15″) in diameter.

This flexible 1-color pad printing accepts all of our silicone inks, UV inks, and solvent-based inks. Learn more about the different types of pad printing inks.

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The Volta S300C is a single Color Cylindrical Screen Printing designed to print up-to 150mm diameter x 250mm long cylinders silicone printing application.

This one color screen printing press is ideal to print on drink-ware bottles, drinking cups, cosmetic bottles, silicone wristbands, Silicone Glass and Water Bottle Sleeves.

This machine is ideal to print with all of our screen printing inks including silicone inks.