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SE-M300 Silicone Marking ink

Inks for printing silicone rubber materials

Marking ink for silicone rubber

The SE-M300 is a two-part, heat-cured, addition-cured black silicone ink.This ink adheres to any platinum-based silicone rubber. This marking ink is for silicone rubber parts and other components where the coating must maintain long-term stability. The SE-M300 ink works best in applications with temperatures ranging from -60 °C to 260 °C. Outdoor industrial, aerospace, military, and automotive hoses are examples of these applications.

Natron™ SE ink is also formulated for ease of use. Simply add catalyst (20% of the ink weight) into the ink, add solvent, and mark your part. It also has the highest opacity, gloss, and extreme flexibility compared to any other ink on the market today.

Pad printing silicone ink mixing, printing & curing:

To print your product, mix the silicone marking ink (A) with the LG catalyst (B), print and cure the product. For every 10 parts of the ink (A) add 2 part of the catalyst (B). Mix the ink and the catalyst. To reduce the inks viscosity, Add 100% of the TRM Solvent or SF solvent for silicone to alter viscosity. To dry and cure the printed product, use heat. Put the printed product in an oven for 5 minutes at 250°F (2 minutes at 250°F). (Safety caution! Wait for the heated product to cool down before touching).

After full cure try to bend, scratch or stretch the printed product. We guarantee that the print (ink) will not crack or rub off – the print becomes part of the product. This is the reason the SE-M silicone marking ink is perfect for printing on silicone rubber products.

Solvents: Use TRM Solvent to alter the viscosity. This is if the mixed ink is too thick for a specific application. The SF silicone thinner is a fast drying silicone thinner for silicone, while the TRM has a slow evaporation time. Both silicone ink solvents are environmentally friendly. They have zero VOCs and will not affect the adhesion of the system.


If you use any other the solvents with the SE-M300 silicone marking inks, it will affect printing quality and adhesion of the ink.

Drying: Printed parts dry at 275°F for 7 minutes.

Caution: Silicone Ink is compatible with many types of silicone rubber. However, contact with some substrates will inhibit the drying of Silicone Ink. We recommend that you always do a small-scale compatibility test before full production.


  • 1.0Kg


  • LG


  • SF

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