Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., offers a wide range of pad printing inks, including the MG Series pad printing ink line. Our Natron ink line has the widest selection of inks for almost every substrate that you can think of. Think about that for a second! While our inks are excellent, we understand that it is challenging to understand the ink for your substrate despite the filter feature on our pad printing ink page. This is where our printing ink experts come in to help you find the best ink to adhere to your substrate.

The MG Series screen and pad printing ink features:

  • Very high gloss
  • Very high opacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Medical grade

Also, this 2-component pad printing ink has superior chemical and mechanical resistance to alcohol, acids, and alkalis. Printed products with this ink can withstand over 500 industrial wash cycles without losing gloss or fading.

What makes the MG series stand out is the ability to print on multiple substrates, including glass, raw metal surfaces, coated metal surfaces, varnished surfaces, hard plastics, pre-treated PP, polystyrene, acrylics, epoxy resins, polyester powder coated, delrin plastics, and many other substrates. The MG series prints on these substrates with ease.

Printing applications

Industries using this ink line include drinkware, medical industries, industrial printing industries, promotional products, sporting goods, etc. Example applications include glass, hard hats, automotive knobs, saw blades, pens, toys, food packaging, etc.

The MG series is also excellent for printing on healthcare surfaces and medical instruments due to the fact that it is non-toxic and does not contain heavy metals.

Unlike competing inks, the MG series inks have very high opacity. Additionally, all colors within this ink series are intermixable to create new shades of color. There are over 31 available standard colors, including metallic and 4-color CMYK process colors. Check out our MG ink color chart.

To learn more about this ink line our SE Silicone inks and other Natron inks, please contact us today. We have distributors all over the globe trained and ready to serve our customers quickly and on time. Browse our locations page to contact the right person for your location.