Tagless Printing Ink

There is no difference between pad printing a plastic and pad printing a t-shirt. This requires a tagless printing ink. As discussed in our previous article what is tagless printing? Tagless pad printing is the process of transferring a image (two dimensional) onto a garment. In essence, you are labeling a textile.  To achieve this, you need a pad printer machine, a printing plate, or cliché, to hold the artwork, a printing pad to transfer the image from plate to the garment, and an ink cup for the ink mixture. The ink cup slides over the etched image on the plate plate and leaves a small amount of ink. The pad then picks up the ink from the etch and transfers it on to the garment. For each new logo, a new plate with the image must be made. In addition, for each additional color, and additional plate is required.

What is tagless pad printing?

To get the perfect tagless print, a perfect tagless printing ink is key. The tagless pad printing ink has to:

  • have perfect opacity (give you the ability to pad print colors on dark textiles).
  • the ink must be compliant and easy to work with.

The Natron™ ST tagless printing ink is the perfect ink for tagless printing. The Natron™ ST series ink raises the bar. All colors in this series are opaque. Additionally this tagless printing ink line is available in a wide range of colors. There is no challenge of printing on dark garments. Competing inks require a system to achieve high opacity, which is costly.  Prints from S150 tagless screen printing machine offers a highly opaque print to stand out on any garment.

The Natron™ ST tagless pad printing ink.

Skip the magic and print. Competing inks use heated pads to transfer an image to a textile. Pad printers equipped with this technology is not only costly but also environmentally unsustainable. Pad printing machines equipped with this heating technology uses a lot heat. The ST Series come ready to print on dark substrates without heat. These inks can be screen or pad printed. No magic tricks. Plug the ST tagless printing inks and print. These inks are also flexible.

The ST series inks is a 2-component ink. The ST ink require a hardener/ cross linker which makes the prints hold for the life of the garment.

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Natron™ ST tagless pad printing ink availability:

These inks are also available out side USA in the following countries