Pad printing polypropylene ink

Pad Printing Polypropylene

Pad printing polypropylene (PP) is challenging because this material has a low surface energy. We review the factors that make…

Pad Printing
3 min read
printing on apple cases for iphone

Print on Apple's new cases for iPhone 14

There are several methods for customizing cases for the iPhone 14 lineup. These are spray painting or coating, engraving and…

Pad Printing
3 min read

Special effects – 992 Etch Pad Printing Ink for Glass

The Natron™ MG 992 Etch pad printing ink is a translucent special effects color that gives the illusion of a…

Pad printing ink
2 min read
glass printing methods

Glass Printing Methods

The three main approaches to printing on glass are pad printing, screen printing, and digital uv inkjet printing.

Industrial Printing
4 min read

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