pad printing ink leaking

Pad printing ink leaking over the edge of the plate

Learn how to trouble shoot pad printing ink leaking onto the plate.

2 min read
silicone-Ink-additives-Boston Industrial Solutions

Solvents and Catalysts for Silicone ink

There are many factors that affect the durability of a print. Among them are silicone ink additives. Ink additives are…

2 min read
silicone printing problems

Silicone printing problems and solutions

Today, there are many silicone printing problems. This is because, printing on silicone poses many challenges to professional printers. Boston…

3 min read
Printing silicone rubber silicone-ink - silicone ink - boston industrial solutions

Silicone printing simplified

Printing on silicone products is challenging, yet silicone products are everywhere. Some examples of some daily silicone products are, spatulas,…

Silicone Inks
2 min read

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