Pad printing machines from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. are the most advanced, easy to use, dependable, and durable pad printing equipment. These machines come with a standard 2 year warranty. 
The Volta™ pad printing equipment are used in many industries. Some of these industries are: promotional, industrial product marking, medical device manufacturing, automotive, apparel, shoe manufacturing, aerospace, cosmetics, contract pad printing companies, etc.
Each Volta™ pad printing machine is designed to be efficient, sustainable, and cost effective. Additionally, each machine come as a turn key system delivered to your door. Included with each machine is pad printing pads, pad printing plates, and pad printing ink. Note: Closed cup machines come with sealed cups, while open inkwell come with doctor blades. 
Additionally, pad printing supplies, spare parts, and training and installation services is available.  


Interested in tagless pad printing or tagless screen printing? Check out our application page for more details!

small pad printing machine


The Volta M150 is a high-speed, 1-color tabletop pad printing machine. It is designed to handle parts up to 4.5in (110mm) tall and image sizes up to 3.2 in (80 mm.) This 1-color tabletop pad printer has a strong pad compression capability and an intuitive touch-control membrane that is easy to operate and adjust machine functions.

This machine features:

  • 1-color tabletop pad printer
  • Print images up to 3″ (80 mm)
  • Printing speed: 2000iph
  • Illuminated working area
  • Variable inking and print frequency controls, etc.

This 1-color pad printer is the ideal entry level pad printing machine for printing plastic parts, promotional products, golf balls, silicone wristbands, medical and electronic devices.

The Volta™ M150 1-color tabletop pad printer works with all of our solvent-based inks. Learn more about the different types of pad printing inks.

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The Volta™ M2150S 2-Color pad printing machine is a beautiful, closed ink cup automatic printing equipment with a heavy-duty, dual-position pneumatic pad-shuttle (pad-slide) mechanism. It is also available with an open ink well. This machine is perfect to print both 1 color or 2-color pad printing jobs.

This machine utilizes a 90mm ink cup assembly and has the ability to print images up to 85mm (3.35”).  The cups are fitted with our durable pad printing ceramic rings. Use any of our pad printing ink line including silicone inks for silicone rubber with this machine.

This pad printing machine features a  pad slide which simplifies part registration. This makes it easy for perfect second-color registration on promotional products, industrial products, and medical printing applications.

The M2150 2 color pad printer has a simple to use membrane touch control panel. This panel is easy to program all setup all the machine printing features.

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Two color pad printing machine
M1200 large image pad printer


The M1200 pad printer is a one-color closed cup pad printer designed for printing large parts. This machine uses ink cups up-to ink cups up to 5.5” (140mm). This enables this machine to print images up to 5.1” (130mm) in diameter. The Volta M1200 comes with a base cabinet assembly as well as an XYR fixture table. The fixture table makes it easy to register artwork on large tables.

The fixture table is fully adjustable up or down to accommodate parts up to 16″.  This feature makes the M1200 one of the most capable pad printing machines in the industry. This pad printing equipment is the perfect solution for plastic molded items, e.g. food storage containers. Industrial applications include satellite dishes, battery cases, etc.

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The M2150C is a heavy-duty 2-color pad printing machine with carousel. This machine has an 8-station carousel-style system.  It is designed to ensure accurate part positioning.

The carousel includes a precision positive tooling registration feature that ensures close-tolerance part positioning. The single-point fixture mounting reduces fixture costs. Additionally, it helps with quick tooling change over. These features, along with the XYR micro-adjust plate holder assemblies make this 2-color pad printing machine with carousel easy to set-up.

M2150C also has an intuitive easy to set up membrane-touch control panel. This makes it easy to setup and operate this machine. Some of the functionalities including pad stroke, pad delay, part-indexing, ink mixing, ink pick-up frequency, etc.

With its amble pad compression and ability to accommodate large, hard print pads, the Volta M2150C is the most versatile, capable and cost-effective 2-color pad printing machine with carousel available on the market.



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Heavy Duty 4-Color Pad Printing Machine


The VOLTA-M4150 is a heavy-duty 4-color pad printing machine with shuttle designed for rapid job setup and changeover. This machine features: XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies and quick-release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies. The setup can be accomplished easily without the use of any tools.  This machines comes with printing pads, pad printing plates, optional open ink well or closed ink cup assembly with ceramic ring.

The printing cycle for this machine is smooth and repeatable. The Volta M4150 has a heavy duty construction, built to last.

This machine has great printing compression capability. This makes enables this machine to accommodate large, hard print pads – making the Volta™ M4150S 4-color printer one of the most versatile, capable, and cost-effective multi-color pad printing machines.

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The M6300SS is a heavy-duty, 6-color pad printing machine with servo shuttle. This automatic six color pad printing machine has indent print heads.  It is designed to ensure accurate part positioning and printing with +-0.02mm precision.

It is designed to be retrofitted with different fixtures such as XYθ rotary table for pad printing safety hard hats (helmets). Unlike the Volta M4150P 4-color pad printing machine, this 6-color pad printing equipment is fitted with independent print heads and touch screen control panel. Each print head prints precisely when needed.  The M6300SS 6-color printer is compatible with all our pad printing inks.

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