Large image pad printing machine

The Volta™ M1200 is a large image pad printing machine with a 140mm sealed ink cup. This pad printing equipment can print up to 130mm (5.1”) images and a robust pad compression capability. 

Like all other Volta pad printing machines from Boston Industrial Solutions, this machine is very durable, easy to use, and comes with a two year warranty.

Some of the key features of this one color pad printing machine are:

  • 140mm (5.5″) sealed ink cup – print up to 5.1″ artwork.
  • Robust pad compression capability.
  • Quick release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies.
  • Adjustable print table – This enables the machine to handle 18″ tall parts.

In addition, the Volta M1200 is smooth, accurate, and repeatable – it is simply the Rolls Royce of pad printing. It is built like a tank, smooth like butter, and very reliable. The Volta pad printing machines works well with the Natron pad printing inks.  Check out our hybrid Natron TP Series pad printing inks for printing on UV coated metals, plastics, paper and wood.

Lastly, this large pad printing machine came with an intuitive easy to use touch control panel. It is easy to use for industrial, automotive, medical, footwear, textile, promotional, and contract printing 1-color applications. 

Click here to learn more about the M1200 large image pad printing equipment.

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