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SPC-0386 Cleaning swabs with polyester top
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SPC-0386 Polyurethane Rubystick Swabs

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Ruby Stick Swabs / SPC-0386

Angled head
Lint free, and
Competitively priced.

The Polyurethane Rubystick swabs (RS-21)

The RS-21 (polyurethane rubystick swabs) also known as Mimaki SPC-0386 Cleaning swaps is the only genuine ruby stick swab in the USA. The ruby stick swabs (Brother GTX Cleaning Stick), made of porous fiber allow for extreme absorption of cleaning fluids, dust, and debris. Rubystick (R50 SB7008001) head is slanted. Because of this angled head, the stick can fit into tight places. In addition, the Rubystick head is heat, mild solvent, and corrosion resistant.

These polyurethane rubystick cleaning swabs are NOT imitations. In addition, they are NOT foam swabs that break and rip. Note the head of the ruby stick is made of dense polyester fiber and not rubber. There is NO absorbent rubber.

Mimaki SPC-0386 for cleaning inkjet print heads

The Mimaki SPC-0386 polyurethane rubystick swabs are also known as Brother GTX Cleaning Stick or T-21 Cleaning Swabs. These swabs are very absorbent and smooth. rubber cleaning stick. Boston Industrial Solutions is the only reseller of ruby stick swabs.

The GTX Cleaning Stick/ Part # SB7008001 is ideal for cleaning many industrial inkjet printheads. Many OEM recommend the ruby stick for cleaning print heads. Inkjet printer print heads from Kyocera, Spectra, Konica-Minolta, Mutoh, Roland, Brother, Kornit, Epson, HP, Cannon, Mimaki, Inkcups, Engineered Printing Solutions (EPSVT) etc. all use the Ruby Stick for cleaning.

Also, direct-to-garment inkjet manufacturers are now recommending Rubystick to clean printheads. The printers are Brother Part # SB7008, Brother GTX, Brother GT-3 GaffiTee, GT-541, GT-782, Brother Part # SB7008001, Epson F2000 Series, Kornit, Aeon and all other high speed graphics inkjet printers.

Reusable Ruby heads & sticks

The ruby stick / GTX Cleaning swab (R50 SB7008001) can be re-used. The head of the ruby stick can be easily removed. It can also be easily replaced. To save cost, we recommend buying an extra head for every 1 Rubystick. Doing so gives you double use for the ruby stick and cuts the cost.

Ruby sticks should never be overused. Using Rubysticks too many times will contaminate the pure head.

Changing Ruby Stick Heads

Ruby Stick is also called GTX Cleaning Stick. GTX cleaning stick absorbs ink from the print heads. To change a ruby stick head, you need to wear gloves. This will make sure that you do not contaminate the rubystick swab’s head.

Simply pull the dirty heads from the ruby stick. Replace the head of the ruby stick with a new head.

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