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MPV Pad printing solvent

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MPV Pad printing solvent

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The MPV pad printing solvent is formulated to work with Natron® MG Series pad and screen printing ink for glass. This solvent adjusts the viscosity and evaporation rate of the ink, allowing for a successful image transfer from the pad printing plate to the object. Additionally, this solvent helps to increase the ink gloss and improves the bonding characteristics of the MG Series and GX inks with the substrates. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. formulated the MPV solvent for pad printing with closed cup pad printing machines. This solvent has an excellent evaporation rate compared to other solvents.  The evaporation rate supports fine tuning of the ink when printing on metals, glass or plastic industrial pad printing applications.

MPV printing ink thinner is ideal for use when printing on glass, metals, and hard plastic substrates. This is because this pad printing ink solvent has a fast evaporation rate and wetting characteristics.

Type MPV Solvent characteristics:

  • It keeps the ink wet during pad printing for a long time.
  • enables perfect ink transfer, and
  • improves ink printability (excellent pad release).

Learn more about pad printing on ABS Plastic.

To regulate ink viscosity, add 10–20% of MPV thinner to the ink and stir until homogeneous. After mixing, pour the ink into the pad printing inkcup. Let the ink-hardener-solvent mixture settle for two minutes and then start printing.

For all pad printing applications with the MG or the GX series, use the MPV pad printing solvent.  Learn more about our pad printing inks.

Like our other solvents, the Type MPV pad printing ink thinner keeps the ink wet for a longer period of time and still allows for optimal ink adhesion.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about pad printing, screen printing, and ink filling applications.

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  • 1Liter(~Qt)
  • 1Gallon

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