Inks for printing medical devices are often overlooked, but they serve an important role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and functionality of medical devices and surfaces. Additionally, the ink for printing medical devices must meet high quality standards of biocompatibility and durability. Apart from adhesion, safety is the key factor when printing on health care parts such as housing components. 

Printing inks from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. deliver enhanced clarity, adaptability to various printing processes, and resistance to sterilization from chemicals, heat, gases, gamma radiation, and so on. These inks also meet Class VI, ROHS, REACH, EN-71 Para 3, EUPIA, USP, and relevant FDA and EU standards and regulations.

These inks, combined with the appropriate medical device printing equipment and supplies, provide the perfect solution for marking and labeling medical surfaces, devices, and PPE.

Products: screen and pad printing inks (MG, BX, ST, SE-F Series), UV ink (314, 270, 160 Series UV inkjet inks). 

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A medical device, product, or surface is an instrument, apparatus, or machine that has a physical or mechanical effect on the body. These devices can be used alone or in combination for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, such as disease or injury diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, or alleviation of disease or injury. Additionally, these devices vary widely in complexity and function.
Examples of medical devices include test kits, syringes, hospital beds, glasses, hearing aids, catheters, surgical gowns, etc.


Like many products, there are requirements and strict standards for printing on medical devices. Printing the devices is important because it is not only for branding but also for making sure the proper labels and markings are visible.

Think about the markings on a syringe. These markings must be accurate because the person using the syringe relies on them for a precise dosage.

Additionally, the inks used for printing healthcare surfaces and parts undergo various safety processes, such as sterilization. Therefore, the inks used to print these products must use compliant, sterilization-resistant ingredients.

printing ink certifications
Natron BX Series pad printing ink


Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. understands the importance of having high-quality printing inks and equipment for the medical industry. Our inkjet, screen, and pad printing inks have bright, high-opacity colors that meet all industry standards and guidelines. These standards include FDA guidelines, Class VI-certified inks, ISO-certified medical inks, etc.

Our SEF silicone inks, MG Series, BX Series, and EK Series are medical class VI certified.

These Natron® ink lines have:

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion properties to their designed substrate
  • Very high opacity
  • High lightfastness
  • Humidity and weather resistance.


A catheter is a thin, flexible tube made from medical-grade materials such as PU, PVC soft, PVC rigid, silicone, etc.
Cathers perform a variety of medical procedures, such as draining fluids from the body or injecting fluids into it. Healthcare professionals also use them to access blood vessels, deliver medications, or administer contrast agents. Other functions include measuring bodily fluids.



The syringe utilizes a hollow tube (barrel) and a plunger to push or pull fluids. The barrel’s side markings on the side to indicate the volume of fluid drawn in or pushed out.


Many medical tools have silicone rubber handles. These tools are comfortable to work with and require durable ink for branding and customization. The SE Series or the SE-F silicone inks permanently bond to these products.

silicone ink for grip socks

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