Successfully printing on leather makes it even more valuable if you’re able to personalize it with logos, patterns, art, and text. To print leather, the ink needs to become part of the fabric and texture of the leather itself. There are several ways to print leather. These includes inkjet, screen, and pad printing. All these three methods are ideal in the production of many high-end fashion and décor leather products.



Screen printing, pad printing, and inkjet printing are the best methods for decorating leather. Inkjet and screen printing work best for smooth
to lightly textured leather substrates while pad printing is ideal for
printing on 3-dimensional objects, compound angles, and textured leather surfaces.
Pad printing, Inkjet printing, and screen printing are superior to hot stamping on leatherette and products. Hot stamping risks damaging the product surface. This is because of the heat and pressure required to hot stamp leather or leather-like goods if often too high.

Tampo Printing on leather is a great application for promotional products, fashion, and footwear manufacturers. You need a good printing ink for synthetic leather and leather substrates.
The Natron™ TP series is that great ink for this application. This ink dries fast, has high opacity and is sustainable. Learn more about sustainable printing practices. We recommend using the Natron TP pad printing inks and the VOLTA™ pad printing machines for this application.


TP series is a great leather pad printing ink. Because leather products are natural, you need an ink that will blend well with such a substrate, will last long, and will be able to withstand abrasion resistance. The TP pad printing ink is such an ink.  It is durable, while sustainable.

It is important to note that TP Series Ink is a one -of- a- kind pad printing ink. It adheres onto a wide range of substrates including metal, wood, paper, plastics, and leather.

Use the TP series paired with the i-300x cross-linker and TMF pad printing ink thinner for maximum abrasion resistance to print leather-like and leather substrates.

Products used: TP series ink series and Volta™ M150 table top pad printing machine


We have several pad printing machine for printing leather applications.  These machines come standard as turn key systems.  The pad printing machines for leather are available in various sizes, and multi color printing capable.They can also be used for other pad printing applications.