Successfully printing on Sulapac material make makes it beautiful and functional.  Cosmetic companies can personalize it with logos, patterns, art, and text. What is Sulapac? Sulapac is a sustainable plastic alternative. It is beautiful and functional material, yet is saves the world from world from plastic waste.  There are several ways to print Sulapac. These includes inkjet, screen, and pad printing.



The best methods to print on sulapac are Screen printing, pad printing, and inkjet printing. All these three methods with the right ink work well for this substrate.
In general, pad printing works best for 3D objects. Inkjet is used to print on semi-smooth to smooth round or flat surfaces.


Pad printing is also called Tampo Printing.  You need a good pad printing ink for sulapac substrates.
The Natron™ MG pad printing ink series is that great ink for this printing application. This ink dries fast, has high opacity, and is sustainable. Learn more about sustainable printing practices.


MG series is the perfect pad printing ink for Sulapac materisl. This printing ink blends and bonds very well with the substrate. One dry and cured, this ink is able to withstand abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance. In addition, these inks are Non-toxic and heavy metal free. They are also durable and sustainable.

The Natron MG series also adheres onto a wide range of substrates including glass, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, plastics, and leather.

Use the TP series paired with the i-260x or i-260x cross-linker and TMF pad printing ink thinner for maximum abrasion resistance to print sulapc material. This ink does not require heat to cure.

Products used: MG glass series ink series and Volta™ M150 table top pad printing machine


Screen printing is another name for silk screen printing. Like pad printing, screen printing on sulapac is easy using the MG series ink for sulapac, metal, ceramics, and glass. All that is required is to use TMS solvent.
The Natron™ MG series is a great ink for screen printing on this application. This ink dries fast, has high opacity and is sustainable.
We recommend using the Natron MG printing inks and the VOLTA™ screen printing machines for this application.


We Got All The Screen Printing machines that you need to print on any type of application, both manual and automatic. These machines come standard as turn key systems.  The screen printing machines for sulapac are available in various sizes.  These screen printing equipment can also be used for printing other applications.

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