Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., makes and offers high-performance glass printing inks. We offer glass printing inks for screen printing, pad printing, and inkjet printing. Additionally, these inks are globally renowned for their outstanding performance and impressive results. We will discuss the different types of printing glass inks and some of the common printing technologies. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about printing technologies.

MG Series ink . GX Series ink . 314 UV inkjet ink . 270 UV Digital ink

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Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. has several types of inks for glass, each made for different printing methods. These types include:

Pad printing is an excellent process for printing 3D-objects. This versatile process ensures excellent printing, marking, and decoration results on glass. Learn more about pad printing process.

Screen printing is another popular process for decorating glass substrates. This printing process is widely used in drinkware, promotional products, and industrial applications. Like pad printing, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. provides the best screen-printing inks for glass substrates.

With many companies are slowly shifting towards sustainable printing. These companies are in search for for alternatives to solvent-based inks. As a result, we have developed excellent UV LED-curable screen printing and digital inks for this substrate.


The Natron 314 UV inkjet ink and the Natron 270 UV inkjet ink are digital decoration solutions for glass and other substrates. Additionally, these UV inks are perfect for use with UV flatbed printers and cylindrical inkjet printing machines. For permanent adhesion on glass with UV inkjet inks, we recommend using Natron G1 UV adhesion promoter. This UV ink adhesion promoter enables UV and LED curable inks bond permanently on glass and other substrates.

314 Series UV digital inks
Ink for screen printing on glass from Boston


At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we have several solvent-based organic screen-printing inks. These include the MG series and the GX series inks. Additionally, we offer the UVMK series, a UV LED-curable ink. All these inks are alcohol, dishwasher, scratch, and chemical resistant. Additionally, they offer excellent screen stability during printing.


The MG Series ink is a solvent-based 2-component ink used for both pad printing and screen printing. In addition to glass, this pad printing ink for cosmetic packaging is suitable for a wide range of printing applications, including ceramics, metals, and plastics. This Boston ink features very high opacity, a fast-drying time, and a high gloss. Promotional, glass decoration, cosmetic, automotive, military, and consumer industries prefer this ink because it meets and exceeds strict compliance requirements. Additionally, the MG Series is dishwasher-safe (2000 commercial cycles). Also, this ink can withstand temperatures below -20°C, chemicals, alkaline, water, and abrasion tests. Lastly, the MG series is compliant with RoHS, EN71, CPSIA, REACH, and many other industry regulatory standards.

MG Series inks - natron inks by boston industrial solutions