Ink for silicone substrate formulated for printing silicone. Silicone rubber is resistant to chemicals and heat and is impossible to print with standard solvent inks. To print on silicone, a decorator needs silicone-based ink. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers several silicone inks. These inks find applications in various industries, including aerospace, promotional, electronics, medical devices, and others. Additionally, the Natron® inks for silicone rubber are known globally to deliver outstanding performances and impressive results. We will review the inks for printing the silicone substrate along with the printing technologies. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about silicone rubber printing technologies.

SE Series ink. DC Series ink. SE-F Series ink

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considerations when choosing an ink, including ink for printing silicone substrate


There are several methods for decorating silicone rubber. All these technologies require a silicone-based Ink for silicone substrate. The methods for printing with these inks include:

Pad printing is also an excellent process for transferring 2-D images onto 3D objects. Additionally, this process ensures detail printing, marking, and decoration results on silicone rubber. Learn more about the pad printing process.

Screen printing is another popular process for decorating silicone materials. Drinkware, promotional products, and industrial applications widely use screen printing methods. Like pad printing, all our inks are excellent for screen-printing silicone substrates.

Spray coating is another method for decorating silicone substrates. However, unlike screen and pad printing, spray coating involves spraying the ink onto the material. Here is an example.

Color filling involves putting ink on an engraved or grooved piece of silicone. Many DIY silicone projects and serializations widely use this method. Visit to order color-filling inks.

All Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. silicone inks are excellent for pad printing silicone applications.

  • SE Series ink is a 2-component silicone-based ink for pad printing on all general and non-medical applications. Examples of applications include promotional, packaging, toys, and industrial applications. This ink features high opacity, quick drying time, and a high gloss. Additionally, this series is UV, weather, temperature, and dishwasher resistant.
  • DC Series ink works well for heat-sensitive silicone products. For example, silicone products bonded with plastic cannot take the high heat required for drying.
  • The SE-F ink line, like the SE Series, is a two-component, high-purity, medical ink for silicone substrate, surfaces and devices.

Learn more about silicone printing machines.

MG Series inks - natron inks by boston industrial solutions
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As previously discussed, all the SE, DC, and SE-F series are also excellent for screen-printing silicone applications. The nature of the application will determine the choice of ink.


The SE and SE-F series are excellent silicone coating inks. However, unlike screen and pad printing, these applications require high solvent dilution. The mixing ratio ranges from 250% to 500% of the ink weight.

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