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Silicone Thinner are silicone fluids use to lower viscosity of mixed platinum based silicone rubber products. Printwiki defines thinner as A solvent, diluent, oil, or other substance added to a printing ink to reduce its tack, body, and viscosity.

Silicone thinner Advantages:

  • Lower viscosity makes it easy for air bubbles to escape. It is easy to de-gas mixtures. Less bubbles means easy printing or mold making.
  • Mixed silicone ink or casting silicone will flow better.
  • We have several thinners for different functions. We have silicone oil which is a non-reactive thinner for lowering the hardness of cured silicone. We also have reactive solvents which do not affect the durometer f the cured silicone rubber.
  • Lastly, thinners increase the pot-life. The more the solvent the longer the work time with the mixed silicone substrate.
Non-reactive thinners affect the tear and tensile strength in proportion to the amount of silicone thinner added to some silicone rubber products.


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