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Natron™ DC Silicone Inkformulated for printing on heat sensitive silicone products.

The DC Series is an air-cure pad printing ink for printing heat-sensitive silicone products. Examples of such products include silicone USB flash drives and plastic-bonded silicone products. To formulate this ink, we used our proprietary Dual Cure RTV Technology. This silicone ink dries quickly, with or without heat. This two-component silicone ink boasts excellent opacity and a glossy finish. The DC series can either be screen- or pad-printed.

We formulated the DC silicone ink using silicone. The reason is that silicone is the only thing that adheres to it. Please note that silicone-based ink is the only type of ink that can print on, bend, stretch, and move with silicone. Additionally, it will withstand the high temperatures just like silicone rubber. When fully cured, silicone ink will hold up to anything silicone can. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to mix silicone pad printing inks.

Some key features are heat or air cure, high opacity, gloss, and flexibility.

Natron DC Series is non-toxic and formulated with fade-resistant pigments that are free from heavy metals. This is available in 14 colors, and custom color matches are available upon request!

  • Two-component ink
  • Glossy finish, great opacity, excellent elasticity
  • Air-cure or heat-cure printed products

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How to Mix DC Series silicone ink

To print your product, mix the DC™ silicone ink (A) with the catalyst (B), print and cure the product. For every 20 parts of the ink (A) add 1 part of the catalyst (B). Mix the ink and the catalyst together. Add 5 – 20% of the DC™-TR or DC™-TRM Solvent to alter viscosity, and print. Let the print air dry and cure at room temperature. You can also accelerate drying and curing by using heat. Heat the printed product in an oven for 2 minutes at 200°F. (Safety caution! (Wait for the heated product to cool down before touching).
After full cure try to bend, scratch or stretch the printed product. We guarantee that the print (ink) will not crack or rub off – the print becomes part of the product. This is the reason the SE series silicone ink is perfect for printing on silicone products.

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