60mm ink cup

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. developed the 60mm ink cup to fit a wide variety of pad printer machines. This small-form factor cup is ideal for small graphics. Because of its size, it reduces pad printing ink waste, making it sustainable.

The materials used to make this 60mm pad printer ink cup are durable. Not only is the material durable, but it also has a special coating to resist ink and solvents. Additionally, this industrial-grade ink cup is simple to clean and maintain. Each ink cup comes with a ceramic doctoring ring.

  • Size (mm): 60
  • For pad printers


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Certain products complement each other. Here are some of the items that complement this small cup. Every single product that we offer undergoes a thorough quality check to make sure that you get the very best. Please ask us for free samples.

m100 pad printing machine

For high-printing environments, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. developed the M100 one-color tabletop pad printing machine. This machine comes equipped with many unique features and capabilities. This is why this pad printer is so popular among decorators.

60mm double sided ceramic ring


We developed the 60mm ink cup ring specifically for 60mm pad printer ink. The small 60mm ceramic rings for ink cups help reduce pad printing ink waste. These rings use high-quality, fine-crystalline, and higher-density zirconia (ZrO2). As a result, this 60mm ring features superior wear, chip resistance, and unmatched performance.


Pad printing inks are often durable and resistant to wear, fading, and environmental factors. This makes pad printing ideal for producing long-lasting markings, labels, and graphics on products.

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