EVA Adhesion promoter

The Natron® EVA adhesion promoter enhances UV ink adhesion to EVA rubber surfaces. Formulated and crafted with precision and innovation, this primer optimizes the adhesion properties of UV ink on EVA rubber substrates. As a result, this ensures flowless printing on this hard-to-print material.

The EA promoter meets the demanding requirements of industrial printing applications. It provides exceptional bonding strength, effectively eliminating issues such as ink delamination or poor adhesion. This enables decorators to achieve vibrant and long-lasting prints on EVA rubber materials with ease.

Key features:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: EA acts as a powerful adhesion promoter, significantly improving the bond between UV inks and EVA rubber substrates. By effectively priming the surface, Natron EA ensures optimal ink adhesion. This prevents issues such as ink flaking and poor print quality, thereby enhancing the overall print quality.
  • Superior Compatibility: Natron EA seamlessly integrates into existing printing workflows. As a result, this makes it an ideal solution for printers seeking to print EVA printing applications. Whether for industrial labeling, footwear manufacturing, or automotive components, Natron EA provides consistent and reliable adhesion performance across a wide range of printing applications.
  • Versatile Application: Natron EA enables printers to achieve outstanding results with UV inkjet printing on EVA rubber substrates. Its versatility allows for the creation of high-quality prints with exceptional color vibrancy and durability.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the printing industry, Natron EA Primer empowers you to unleash your creativity without compromise. Elevate your printing projects to new heights of quality and durability with Natron EA Primer, the best primer for superior UV ink adhesion on EVA rubber surfaces.

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EVA form rubber
EVA form Rubber


The EA inkjet primer is non-toxic, free from heavy metals, and phthalates. This ink is perfect for printing on promotional products, industrial applications, and consumer products.


The EA Primer is an Eco-sustainable primer meaning. It does not contain:

inkjet primer for EVA rubber

EVA primer and the Environment


There is no such a thing as the best adhesion promoter. The best adhesion promoter depends on the material that you need to print. For example, the Natron M87 is  is generally a first choice for coated surfaces and bare metals. This promoter works on a wide variety of paints and bare metals.

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