UV inkjet ink for bar code printing
flash cure UV ink

MC2 Specialty UV Inkjet Inks

Low viscosity flash cure UV ink

Natron® MC2 is a low-viscosity flash cure UV inkjet ink for bar code printing or marking in a lab setting. This ink uses a flash cure bulb for drying. Bar code printing equipment has a small footprint compared to traditional UV inkjet printers. As a result, these bar-coding applications use flash cure bulbs, which are smaller but have a higher energy discharge than conventional UV LED lamps.

This UV ink works very well when printing on hard good materials such as plastics, and many other materials. Not only does this ink print exceptionally well, but it has long lasting lightfastness and outstanding adhesion. Lightfastness is defined as “a property of a colorant such as dye or pigment ability to resist fading when exposed to light.” Learn more about printing terms.

Specialty UV Inkjet Inks for Digital Printing on Non-Porous Materials

The Natron® MC2 300 black flash cure UV ink is used in lab environments for applications such as marking microbiological samples. This printing ink undergoes a very intricate manufacturing process, which in turn helps companies achieve detailed, solvent resistance identification codes and markings.

This Specialty UV Inkjet Ink for barcoding delivers quick-drying—this allows the user to immediately handle the parts after printing.  solution allows for immediate handling after printing, supporting maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Key Features include:

  • High opacity prints with high contrast for coding. This makes the prints easily readable by bar code readers.
  • Increased efficiency and minimum downtime
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Flash cure compatible
  • Extremely durable and resistant to fading.


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Certain products complement each other. Our UV inkjet inks and digital printing equipment will leave you in awe, especially if you love our digital primers. Every single product that we offer undergoes a thorough quality check to make sure that you get the very best. Please ask us for free samples.

Volta Gyra® UV cylindrical printer

The Volta Gyra® UV Cylinder Printer is a state-of-the-art digital cylinder printer that prints high-definition photographic images on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. This UV printing machine comes standard with a robotic loading and unloading arm, making it perfect for both short- and long-run printing applications.

Jettable UV Digital primers form Boston Industrial Solutions


At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we have developed some of the best UV adhesion promoters in the world. It is important to note that digital primers are one of the most important inkjet printing supplies in the inkjet printing process. Learn more about our wide selection of UV adhesion promoters

Each of these adhesion primers is unique to a particular material, such as glass, steel, coated metals, dense plastic, carbon fiber, and polypropylene.


Our award-winning products serve a variety of printing applications for numerous customers. Whether you are looking for cylindrical inkjet printers, UV flatbed printers, UV curable adhesion promoters, pad printing equipment, or inks, we have you covered. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is the top choice for printing experts in all industries. See how our customers utilize our printing supplies and equipment!

bar code printing and marking UV inkjet inks
Bar code printing
Tile UV adhesion promoter - ink for printing ceramics
tile and ceramic materials


Boston Industrial Solutions is the top choice for printing experts in all industries, from our award-winning cylindrical inkjet printing supplies to our screen printing inks, UV printers, pad printing equipment, and lasers. See how some of our customers utilize our equipment!


The Natron® MC2 Series is classified as non-toxic with heavy metal-free pigments and ingredients. Additionally, this bar code uv printing ink is Eco-sustainable, meaning that it does not contain:

Specialty UV Inkjet Inks

MC2 UV ink and the environment


There is no such a thing as the best adhesion promoter. The best adhesion promoter depends on the material that you need to print. For example, the Natron M87 is  is generally a first choice for coated surfaces and bare metals. This promoter works on a wide variety of paints and bare metals.

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