Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers high-quality screen printing ink lines for specialty industrial printing and textile applications. We use high-grade, sustainable materials to manufacture these inks. Additionally, we thoroughly test the inks to surpass demanding industry performance, adhesion, and compliance standards.

Our portfolio features premium UV/LED-curable, solvent-based, and silicone ink line. These inks deliver incredible, sharp, and durable prints on a wide range of materials. Some of the inks for screen printing include medical-grade, high-abrasion, chemical-resistance, dishwasher-safe, and high-density inks.

Typical applications for these inks include apparel (t-shirts), appliances, industrial, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, drinkware, sporting goods, silicone rubber, cosmetic packaging, toys, promotional, and more.

To help you elevate your printing game, we also offer ink color matching services and free ink adhesion testing. Learn more about the Natron® screen printing inks.

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Screen printing ink is a special type of “paint” formulated for application in layers to various materials, such as textiles, glass, metal, and plastic, in the screen printing process. The screen printing process, known as silk screen printing, uses a squeegee to push the ink through a stencil (mesh screen) onto a substrate.

There are various types of ink formulations to suit different applications and materials. Some common types include water-based, plastisol, UV/LED-curable, solvent-based, and silicone inks. At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we formulate and supply solvent-based, UV/LED-curable, and silicone printing inks.

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silicone ink type


Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., revolutionized the world of printing with silicone inks. Today, we are the largest manufacturer and supplier of silicone printing inks in the world. We offer inks for printing on silicone rubber and inks for printing on apparel.

There are two types of silicone screen printing inks. These are:

Both rubber and apparel silicone inks are silicone-based, but they cater to specific printing applications. The major differences are application of use, flexibility, softness, curing processes, and adhesion properties. Read more about the difference between rubber silicone inks and apparel silicone inks.


At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we offer some of the world’s most versatile solvent-based screen printing inks for marking and decorative applications.
Many contractor printing and industrial companies use our solvent-based inks to mark and decorate hard goods.

We formulate these printing inks using organic solvents as a base. As a result, they evaporate during and after printing, leaving behind the solids on the printed surface.

These inks are excellent for high-speed production environments. Typical screen printing applications include paper, wood, leather, plastics, metal, and glass. Not only do these printing inks adhere well to different materials, but they also produce vibrant and durable prints.

Learn more about ink additives and when to use a hardener.

solvent based printing ink
UV screen printing ink


Specially formulated, UV inks dry when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This feature makes them different from thermal-cured ink or air-dry inks. Please note that these inks do not “cure” instantly, but they dry instantly on exposure to UV light at 395nm. A full cure occurs within 24 hours upon exposure to UV light.

UV ink produces a sharper and more vibrant image than regular conventional inks due to their quick drying nature.

Many companies are using UV-curable inks for various printing applications because of their quick-drying nature. Additionally, these inks are environmentally friendly and increase production efficiency. At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we make both UV inks for UV inkjet printing and screen printing.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about UV inks and the different UV adhesion promoters that aid this ink to bond well on hard-to-print substrates.


For more information on our printing inks, check out the screen printing ink overview on our blog.

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