what is pad printing ink?

What is Pad Printing Ink?

Pad printing ink is a special type of ink formulated for an indirect offset printing process in which a soft…

Pad printing ink
2 min read
printing silicone pet products

Flexible pad printing ink

Pad printing flexible items, requires flexible pad printing ink. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc is constantly working to create innovative pad…

Silicone Inks
3 min read

Special effects – 992 Etch Pad Printing Ink for Glass

The Natron™ MG 992 Etch pad printing ink is a translucent special effects color that gives the illusion of a…

Pad printing ink
2 min read
What is tagless printing

What is tagless printing?

Tagless printing is the process of imprinting a care tag, label or a logo directly onto a garment rather than…

Tagless printing
4 min read
Natron ST Series ink / pad printing ink for soft touch

ST series soft touch inks

Find out more about the Natron™ ST series ink for soft touch, rubber, nylon, synthetics and most soft touch substrates.…

2 min read

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