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HD Screen Printing Silicone Ink

Screen Printing Silicone Inks for textiles


SilTex® screen printing silicone ink is a two-component, multi-purpose screen printing silicone HD ink for textiles. This screen printing silicone ink is formulated for direct printing, transfer printing, and 3D printing. We developed this silicone ink with the purest silicone polymers. This was to ensure that prints are durable and deliver the ultimate stretch and feel on textiles. And, unlike standard screen silicone printing inks, this ink comes ready to use. There are no toners. Just ink!

Simply add catalyst to the ink, mix, and print. It’s that easy. This unique feature eliminates guesswork, saves time, and eliminates the headache of mixing toners so that you can focus on your business—printing. Click here for step-by-step printing instructions.

These textile screen printing silicone inks are formulated for printing onto most textiles. This includes both smooth polyester and performance fabrics. Interested ink Tag-less printing, check out the Natron ST Series inks?

Benefits of silicone screen printing inks over plastisol inks

  • Textiles printed with SilTex Silicone HD ink have a rich, expensive, and soft feel. This look and feel cannot be achieved with plastisol inks. This enhances the aesthetics of any textile or product printed with this ink.
  • Also, SilTex silicone inks are very durable. Products printed with SilTex will withstand numerous washings and abrasions.
  • In addition, these inks are PVC-free.

Silicone HD ink mixing preparation

Catalyst: Add SXT Catalyst at 2% of the ink’s weight into the ink.

Solvent: While not required, add SS solvent to alter the ink’s viscosity. Use the solvent when printing transfer labels. Note that adding solvent will reduce the ink’s viscosity and slow the drying time.

Drying: Dry the prints at 212°F–250°F (100°C–121°C) for 60 seconds.

Printing: Use 100–160 mesh screens to print with SilTex silicone HD ink.

Key features of silicone HD inks for apparel include:

Heat transfer printing:

For transfer printing, a special adhesion layer and several hotmelt powders (polyester and TPU-based) are available.

The adapted viscosity of the inks makes them ideal for automatic cylinder presses and/or semi-automatic presses.

Fast curing (140°C for 70 seconds)


  • 1Kg(2.2lbs)
  • 1G (8.8lbs)


  • SXT


  • TRM (Medium)
  • SS (Retarder)

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Technical Specs

Available Colors








Lemon Yellow




Gold Yellow




Rubine Red


Rose Red


Signal Red




Light Blue




Reflex Blue


Dark Blue




Kelly Green


Cool Gray 9






Neon Green


Neon Yellow


Neon Orange


Neon Red


Neon Pink

Custom PMS+

HD prints

Fade-resistant ink base and pigmentation deliver stunning HD prints.

Superior resistance to chemicals

Superior resistance to chemicals such as alcohol, acids, gasoline, and alkali makes this ink the ultimate ink for regular and demanding fabrics.

Never fades, never cracks

The SilTex HD inks once cured never fade or crack. They are guaranteed to last for the life of the garment

Safe / PVC Free

Formulated with the highest quality silicone polymers. These inks are safe for skin contact and are PVC free.

Impressive prints. Impossible durability!

The best HD inks for screen printing on textiles


SilTex HD Series screen printing ink is a 2-component silicone ink for printing on silicone apparel. Natron SilTex-HD Series ink for screen printing has very high opacity, gloss, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. This ink, once cured, never fades.

How to Mix SilTex-HD Series silicone ink

The SilTex-HD Series is a 2-component printing ink. A solvent and hardener are required additives to use this ink. Let us assist by guiding you in the specifics on how to mix the HD series inks. Before mixing the ink with the additives, stir it thoroughly. Add the hardener, then stir thoroughly.

Other required supplies: Weigh scale, ink mixing sticks, ink mixing cups, and PPE.

NOTE: The mixing ratio for the Silicone ink (A) and the SXT catalyst (B) is the same for pad printing, screen printing, and spray coating. The difference is in the amount of solvent added after the ink and catalyst mixture.

Mixing ratio: 2-3% (100grams ink : 2 – 3 grams catalyst ) – The catalyst is 2 – 3% of the inks weight.

  • Add 100 grams ink to the mixing cup. Note the weight. Then Add 2 – 3 grams of the SXT catalyst.
  • Mix these two component thoroughly.
  • Add solvent: For screen printing, (0 – 10%) of the inks weight.

Keep in mind that the mixture of ink, hardener, and solvent is chemically reactive and must be used within 10 – 14 hours.

Printing Parameters: Screen printing

For screen printing, use any of the commonly available polyester meshes and solvent-resistant emulsions. Use 80–160 mesh (mesh per inch)-count screens for the highest opacity and on dark substrates.

Screen printing – emulsion
Use TX-D (Plastisol, water base, discharge) emulsion on pre-burned screens

Screen printing – Squeegee
70 Durometer squeegees work very well. Consider 80-durometer squeegees for high-mesh count screens. For most applications, the 70/90/70 triple durometer is an excellent choice for more ink lay-down. Always consider having an off-contact when printing.

Labeling and safety information

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the silicone ink SE Series and its auxiliaries are available in accordance with EU and US regulations, providing comprehensive information on all critical safety data.


SilTex ink and the Environment

The SilTex Series is classified as non-toxic, made with fade resistant, heavy metal-free pigments, have zero VOC, and are PVC free. Additionally, it is eco-sustainable meaning, it does not contain:

  • Alogens
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Latex
  • PAH
  • Phthalates
  • Animal origin ingredients
  • Azo dyes
  • Cyclohexanone
  • G-B ester
  • Melamine
  • Persistent organic pollutants

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