Liquid Silicone Rubber Primers

Liquid Silicone Rubber Primers

Silicone Rubber Primers are for bonding other materials such as aluminum metals, ceramics, glass, tiles, and plastic substrate surfaces with silicone rubber. In general, silicone primers are solvent-based and contain a mixture of reactive siloxanes and silanes.

How to apply silicone primer

To apply the primer, clean the surface with alcohol to remove any dirt and debris. Then, using a brush, apply the primer onto the substrate, e.g., glass. After applying the primer to the substrate, place the silicone rubber on the substrate and vulcanize it to bond the silicone rubber to the substrateVulcanization is the process of treating crude or synthetic rubber to give it useful properties like elasticity, strength, and stability.


  • They works as a bonding agent, preferably used with addition-curing silicone rubber.
  • Applied through a variety of methods including spraying, wiping, brushing or dipping.

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