Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

Cylindrical inkjet printers utilize direct-to-shape (DTS) printing technology to print images directly onto cylindrical and conical products. These include both straight-wall and tapered parts. Because of the DTS technology, these machines achieve seamless, high-quality prints on round objects. Drinkware is the common digital printing application for these cylinder printing machines. Examples include glassware, stadium cups, tumblers, shot glasses, water bottles, cosmetic packaging, and candles. There are many more applications for these rotary UV printers.

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UV Cylindrical printer—Volta Gyra®

State-of-the-art digital cylinder printer with robotic loading and unloading, designed to deliver vibrant, full-color (CMYKWW + varnish) images on both straight-walled and tapered cylinders.
  • Print 360° True Photographic Quality directly onto a cylindrical object.
  • Print an image up to 220 mm (8.6 in) in length.

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