Inks for printing silicone rubber materials

Silicone inks from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., adhere to any silicone rubber. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., is an independent American manufacturer of silicone, inkjet, screen, and pad printing inks. We provide direct rubber inks to professional silicone rubber printers worldwide. We supply to medical device manufacturers, industrial injection companies, swim cap/sporting goods manufacturers, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, textiles, and promotional products industries.

Ink Service

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., provides world-class ink service for your business. We offer free product adhesion testing, pad printing training, consulting, custom ink color matching, and custom product development.

Our inks are for screen printing, pad printing, and spray coating. Additionally, no other silicone ink for printing silicone rubber in the world can achieve this.

We offer: The Natron SE Series for printing general silicone rubber applications, SE-F Series ink for printing silicone rubber medical applications, and Natron DC series for printing on heat-sensitive materials such as electronics.

Natron inks are available world-wide via our distributors. Where we do not have distributors, we ship globally using international carriers. We provide tracking number for each order. Where you can track online at any-time.

To learn more, contact us for personalized and advice on your ink selection.

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Siliart Color filling Silicone inks

SiliArt® Silicone inks are the only permanent color filling silicone inks for engraved and de-bossed silicone products. These silicone inks are perfect for hobbyists and DYI enthusiasts. Applications: Engraved Apple watch bands, Touch pads, and more. Call +1 (781) 281-2558 for more info.

SE-M300 Silicone Marking ink

Silicone marking ink for silicone rubber parts and other components where the coating must maintain long term stability.  It is the perfect in for applications requiring an operating temperature range of -65°C to 300°C.
  • Two part, flowable silicone elastomer dispersion.
  • Non-corrosive cure system.

SE-F Medical grade ink

  • The world's highest purity silicone ink ever formulated.
  • Manufactured, and purified to exceed the performance requirements of the medical, space, and electronic industries.
  • Medical Class VI-certified SE-F silicone inks offer strong adhesion for long-term stability.

DC Series Pad Printing Silicone Ink

The DC Series is an air-cure pad printing ink for printing on heat-sensitive silicone products.
  • Two-component ink.
  • Matte finish, with excellent elasticity.
  • Air-cure or heat-cure printed products.

Silicone ink for pad printing and silicone screen printing

  • High-opacity, HD ink (High-density) 2-component ink for silicone rubber parts.
  • The best silicone ink in the world with 40+ standard colors.
  • Pad, screen, or spray coat silicone rubber parts.
  • Print on Wristbands, Swim caps, Phone cases, Mouthguards, hoses, etc.

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