Printing on silicone with Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. silicone inks has made it possible to mark, decorate, and customize silicone rubber materials. As a result, these inks have opened new doors for creativity and functionality in various industries, including aerospace, promotional products, medical devices, automotive, etc. Boston’s Natron® ink for silicone rubber portfolio has the best inks for silicone printing worldwide. These include the SE, DC, SE-F, and CS series inks. All these inks adhere perfectly to any platinum silicone rubber product. These inks are flexible and durable, making them a resilient solution for silicone printing. Technologies for silicone rubber printing include pad printing, screen printing, color-filling, and spray coating.

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silicone pet product - silicone dog bowl


Silicone is the perfect substrate to make pet products because it is inert, easy to clean, durable, and flexible. However, silicone is hard to print due to a lack of good ink to print on it. Luckily, Boston Industrial Solutions, a renowned innovator in the ink manufacturing and printing industry, has elevated the standard for silicone pet product customization with its SE silicone inks, specifically tailored for printing on silicone surfaces. Get silicone ink price now

Additionally, these inks are not only vivid but also offer unparalleled durability and safety for pets. Whether you’re printing custom anti-slip silicone pet rugs, silicone dog bowls, or silicone dog tags, the SE silicone inks provide a reliable and flexible option. Also, the SE offers pet owners, contractor decorators, and manufacturers a premium solution that combines aesthetics with high performance.


There are many promotional silicone printing applications. Examples include wristbands, phone cases, silicone cups, drinkware, etc. Promotional items made of silicone are durable, flexible, and have an expensive feel.
Decorators of these promotional gift products need durable, high-opacity, high-gloss inks. As a result, it is important to have the best silicone ink to print silicone products. For printing on silicone-based promotional products, there is no better ink than the SE series ink. This ink for printing silicone promotional products provides high abrasion resistance and flexibility. Lastly, common printing methods for promotional products include screen printing and pad printing. Call us at +1 (781) 281-2558 today for a silicone ink price.

custom silicone promotional product
custom rubber bracelets


Custom rubber bracelets are some of the most common wearable promotional products. Boston Industrial Solutions SE series ink makes it easy and efficient to customize silicone bracelets. These inks for printing custom rubber bracelets enable decorators to print vibrant, detailed, glossy, and long-lasting prints on wristbands and bracelets. The prints not only have a striking visual appeal but also withstand the test of time.
Lastly, to print these custom rubber bracelets, we recommend using one of our silicone printing machines, such as the Volta M100.

For color filling rubber bracelets visit to buy ink for color filling.


Kitchen utensils are another excellent silicone material application. The resistance to high temperatures and non-stick features of silicone make it perfect for making kitchenware. These silicone kitchen utensils have high resistance to heat and are easy to clean after use. No scrubbing! Also, like other silicone products, to print on silicone kitchenware, you need SE silicone ink. The SE ink for silicone kitchen utensils prints high-gloss logos on silicone items. As a result, custom silicone kitchen utensils make excellent silicone printing ink applications.

kitchen rubber utensils
technologies for silicone rubber printing


Two of the most common technologies for silicone rubber printing include screen printing and pad printing. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers silicone printing machines to print on silicone. Before printing on silicone, it is important to determine the right silicone printing machine for your application.

For large, bold logos on flat items such as swim caps, consider using a flat screen-printing machine such as the Volta S150. To customize silicone cups, we recommend a cylindrical screen-printing machine such as the Volta S300C. For small logos and odd-shaped silicone products, consider the M100 one-color pad printing machine or the M2150 pad printing machine.


The M100 is an excellent pad printer for printing on silicone. This 1-color pad printer can print images up to 90mm in diameter.

silicone printing machine
s300c cylindrical screen printing machine


The S300C cylinder screen printing machine delivers incredible prints on cylindrical and tapered silicone cups. With this machine, it is possible to print products up to 150 mm in diameter by 250mm in length.


Silicone ink, silicone thinner, silicone catalyst, and screen or pad printing supplies (cups, mixing sticks, etc.) are necessary silicone printing supplies. These silicone printing accessories ensure that it is easy to mix and print with ink for silicone printing. To learn more about the price of silicone ink, please contact us at

Learn how to print on silicone rubber.

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