Inkjet Primers

Inkjet primers and UV ink adhesion promoters enable adhesion between printing ink and substrate during printing. These inkjet primers for UV ink form a strong bond between the UV ink and the substrate.
Boston Industrial Solutions offers a variety of screen, pad, and UV printing adhesion promoters for polypropylene, glass, stainless steel, coated metals, dense plastics, carbon fiber, tiles, polypropylene plastics, and more. All these primers aid printing ink in bonding to a substrate.
Because every substrate is different, there is no one-type primer for all substrates. For this reason, we offer primers for different types of printing substrates. These ink adhesion promoters work with any type of ink—pad printing inks, screen printing inks, and UV inkjet inks. These inkjet primers ensure permanent ink adhesion to parts, regardless of the type of ink or printing method used. Learn more about polypropylene adhesive primers.

UV ink adhesion promoter

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.'s UV adhesion promoters ensure perfect UV ink bonding, regardless of the UV ink or equipment manufacturer. These primers are cutting edge, and like our silicone ink lines, pad printing inks, and screen-printing inks, the adhesion promoters are easy to work with. These UV ink adhesion promoters help any printing ink stick to even the toughest printing applications. Use these primers with any type of inkjet equipment manufacturer or ink manufacturer.

Adhesion Testing Services

Additionally, we offer free adhesion testing in our lab. Our ink engineers will test any product to determine the perfect primer for your product. Each test comes with a complete report on how to use the product.
Learn more about UV ink primers, industrial primers, and inkjet primers. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. provides the best primer for your printing application.
UV promoters are critical to printing applications. These primers ensure proper ink adhesion to each part.

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Polypropylene Primer–PP Primer

Polypropylene adhesive primer is the ultimate primer for aiding printing ink adhesion on difficult-to-bond low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, non-silicone rubber substrates such as EPDM, and nylons coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

G1 Glass UV ink adhesion primer

  • G1 UV ink adhesion promoter for glass.
  • Promotes UV-LED and UV ink adhesion to glass, tile, enamel-coated substrates, Tritan plastics.
  • Visually undetectable once applied on glass.
  • 400+ Commercial dish wash cycles

M74F Metal Primer (FAST)

The M74F UV ink adhesion promoter for metals helps the ink permanently bond to raw metals, coated metals, acrylic, and stainless steel.

M87 Stainless Steel Primer

M87 UV ink primer supports ink adhesion on difficult to print stainless steel, coated metals, raw metals, and formica substrates. It is the perfect primer to get UV and UV LED digital inks to adhere to metals.

Natron® PP3 Plastics Primer

Natron™ PP3 is an adhesion promoter, anti-static, and surface cleaner for use with UV and LED curable inks on plastics such as polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC and HDPE. This plastic primer is formulated to guarantee printing ink adhesion on plastics irrespective of the printing method (inkjet, screen, or pad printing).

JP254 UV Ink Jettable Primer

The only non corrosive UV ink jettable adhesion promoter in the world. This inkjet primer eliminates the need to switch inks and primers for different substrates. It is developed for high jetting performance and reliability with Ricoh Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5,  Toshiba, and Kyocera printheads.

Fi UV Ink Adhesion promoter

Promotes adhesion to glass, coated metals, dense plastic, and carbon fiber substrates.

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