There are very many custom promotional items available in the world. From inexpensive, high-volume ones to one-of-a-kind promotion products, all these parts require customization. At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we have the best promotional printing products under one roof. We have ink cup ceramic rings, ink for printing promotional products, silicone printing pads, and many other pad printing supplies. Additionally, we have screen printing machines, UV printers, and more.

Digital printing, screen printing, and pad printing are excellent for the promotional product printing industry. This promotional printing machinery offers quick artwork change-over and exceptional print quality. Key factors to consider when choosing the best equipment for your application include supply cost, printing speeds, future products, and the specific equipment’s printing capabilities. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about printing on promotional products.

Promotional products printing
ink for silicone wristbands


Custom silicone wristbands and bracelets make excellent silicone promotional products. These custom silicone promotional products are excellent for advertising or supporting a cause. To print silicone promotional products, you need good promotional product printing equipment, silicone ink, and supplies. In the promotional products industry, there is only silicone ink that delivers durable, high-gloss, high-opacity prints—the SE silicone ink series. Additionally, this ink for printing on silicone is excellent for both pad printing and screen-printing custom silicone souvenir gifts. Coupled with the M100 pad printing machine, the S150 screen printer, or the S300C screen printer, this ink delivers incredible prints. Learn more about printing silicone promotional products.

Pen printing equipment and inks


Pens are some of the most common and widely used promotional items. The reasons is because Pens are a great promotional product. They are needed as a daily tool by professional workers. In addition, they are personal items. Not only are they a simple stuffing item into a tote bag at a trade show, but they are also easy to customize. Promotional pen printing product equipment includes pad printing, digital printing, and screen-printing machines. All these machines are great pen-printing machines. For metal pens, the MG ink series is an excellent choice for both screen and pad printing pens. For plastic pens, recycled PETE pens, etc., use the BX ink or the TP ink series. Finally, for all TPE and TPR (soft touch-coated pens), use the BX ink series or the ST series pad printing ink.


There are many types and varieties of printed candy and mint tins made from metal. These promotional items are perfect for digital printing or pad printing. The MG series pad printing ink, paired with the M100 one-color pad printer, delivers stunning single-color prints. Digital printing is another printing method for mint tins. For digital printing, the Natron 314 UV ink is an excellent choice for any Ricoh Gen 4 or 5 printhead UV printers. Lastly, check out our other promotional printing products to consider. These include pad printing pads, pad printing solvents, and our inkoff mis-print remover.

printing promotional products - mint tins
Printing on phone cases


Custom-printed phone cases are another popular promotional item. These items are flat in nature. This feature makes the cases perfect for digital printing with UV flatbed printers.

We have several phone case promotional products printing solutions for phone cases. The ability to print variable data is one of the key advantages of UV printers. For silicone phone cases, use screen printing machines such as the Volta S150 flatbed screen printer or the M100 pad printing machine, along with the Natron SE Silicone ink. Also, the Natron SE Silicone has over 40 high-opacity, high-gloss colors. All the ink colors are intermixable to formulate new shades.


Airlines, restaurants, corporate events, weddings, and many special events all use specifically branded and printed napkins and dinnerware. Napkins are easy to print and customize with the Volta M2150 two-color pad printer. Print these with TP Series pad printing ink. The TP Series ink for pad printing napkins and coasters delivers awesome prints. This standard solvent-based ink is formulated as one- and two-component inks for printing on napkins. To print on napkins, there is no need to use a pad printing hardener; simply add solvent and print. Learn more about our pad printing supplies for your next napkin printing application.

Napkins printing promotional products

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