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Pad printing inks for any application from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., made with safety and sustainability in mind. The Natron inks are made following strict quality management standards. These inks are not only enhanced and fine-tuned to adhere to the toughest substrates and surfaces in the world, but they are also made to exceed ATSM, medical, and mil-spec standards.

We offer a diverse range of pad printing inks for any industry and application. The Natron inks work effectively on all printing equipment, and they achieve excellent results every time. Furthermore, we are always innovating in order to meet and exceed the ever-changing compliance, consumer, and industrial applications requirements.

Our inks are suitable for all kinds of applications, such as medical, cosmetic, automotive, promotional, apparel, and electronic parts, appliances, sports equipment, and toys. We have medical-grade inks, high-opacity inks, and specialty inks in the Natron Series ink lines.

Additionally, we have in-house custom color matching, free ink adhesion testing, pad printing training, and consulting services to help you be successful with your printing jobs. We make and offer solvent-based, water-based, and UV-based printing inks.

Not sure which ink is right for you? Check out our ink application chart and our brochure to find the right series ink for your needs.

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SE-F Medical grade ink

  • The world's highest purity silicone ink ever formulated.
  • Manufactured, and purified to exceed the performance requirements of the medical, space, and electronic industries.
  • Medical Class VI-certified SE-F silicone inks offer strong adhesion for long-term stability.

DC Series Pad Printing Silicone Ink

The DC Series is an air-cure pad printing ink for printing on heat-sensitive silicone products.
  • Two-component ink.
  • Matte finish, with excellent elasticity.
  • Air-cure or heat-cure printed products.

ST Series Pad Printing Ink

  • The best ink for printing on t-shirt care labels (without tags),
  • Has high opacity, flexibility, and a matte finish.
  • Perfect ink for printing EPDM rubber, Soft Touch Surfaces, Nylons, Polyesters, Synthetic fabrics, and other Textiles.

Natron® SE Silicone inks

  • High-opacity, HD (High-density) 2-component ink for silicone rubber parts.
  • The best silicone ink in the world with 40+ standard colors.
  • Pad, screen, or spray coat silicone rubber parts.
  • Print on Wristbands, Swim caps, Phone cases, Mouthguards, hoses, etc.

MG Series Pad Printing Ink

  • Ink for glass, ceramic, metals, carbon fiber, coated substrates, and thermosetting plastics.
  • Very high gloss, opacity, and dishwasher safe.
  • Print on Tiles, Stainless Steel Mugs, Ceramic Mugs, Glass Bottles, Coated Metal Parts, Cosmetic Bottles, Light Bulbs, Faucets, etc.

EK Series Pad Printing Ink

  • A high-gloss ink, excellent for high-speed automatic printing.
  • Adheres to almost all plastic materials on the market today.
  • Perfect for outdoor exposure. Print on Plastics, Injection Molded Products, Ice Packs, Medical Devices, Vinyl, Cosmetic Containers, Dental Floss Dispensers, etc.

TP Series Pad Printing Ink

  • An all-purpose, low-odor, high-gloss, high-opacity 1- or 2-component ink.
  • Available in 24 HD colors including metallic colors.
  • Excellent ink for plastics, lacquered surfaces, wood, leather, etc. Print on Pens, Injection Molded Parts, Cosmetic Containers, Food, Packaging, Toys, and Housings.

NxT Series Screen Printing Ink

NxT Series Ink is the perfect ink to print on elastic rubber bands, nitrile gloves, EVA shoe soles, nylon, tyvek, and other rubber-like substrates.
  • High opacity for single-print applications
  • Flexible
  • FDA Title 21, Part 177.2600, "Food Contact Compliant.

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