Industrial printing applications require robust industrial printing equipment. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., offers a complete line of screen printing, pad printing, and digital printing equipment. Our printing equipment is built robustly for industrial use. These printing equipment print on industrial tools printing, metal housings, and more. Hundreds of industrial companies use our printing equipment in their manufacturing facilities every day. Also, our machines are automation-ready for quick and efficient loading and unloading. Additionally, we offer logic control boards for easy programming in addition to existing printing lines.

pad industrial printing
electrical metal housing


There are many industrial metal housings. The part’s shape, the number of colors, and the intended use all influence the type of print. For example, it is possible to pad print, screen print, or inkjet extremely long metal housings. For pad printing, the Natron® MG ink series works perfectly on metal. This screen and pad printing features chemicals, weather elements, and abrasion resistance. It is not only very smooth to print with, but it also has excellent screen stability. UV inkjet inks are also an excellent option for printing both raw metals such as aluminum and stainless steel as well as coated metal housings. Both applications require a UV adhesion promoter, such as the M87 UV ink adhesion promoter or the M74F UV adhesion promoter for metals and acrylics.


Saw blades and sharp industrial tools that might be dangerous to handle require automated printing machines for loading, printing, and unloading. Safely handling power tools is not only an advantage for automation but also for printing efficiency. Possible printing methods for saw blades and other power tools include pad printing and inkjet printing. A UV flatbed printer coupled with a robotic loading and unloading arm is excellent for printing saw blades. The Natron® 314 ink series is an excellent option for all machines using Ricoh Gen 4 and Gen 5 print heads.

saw blades printing applications
Power tools pad printing


There are many things that are on our faces, but we barely notice them. For example, most power tools have their brand or operation instructions right on the cases. Power-tool manufacturing companies, for the most part, use only one color to print. As a result, most of them require simple printing methods to put their brand name on the product. Pad printing is the best method for industrial printing on power tools because of its ability to print on uneven surfaces and its speed. For most ABS tools, use the TP Series, BX ink series, or EK series. For TPE and rubberized tools, the ST Series is an excellent pad printing ink. Finally, for tools with silicone buttons, use the best silicone ink in the world, the SE ink series. Learn more about our pad printing supplies (pad printing pads, laser plates, ink cup rings, etc.).

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