Are you going with printing to create new products, mark, or decorate the existing ones? Boston Industrial Solutions has been fostering the development of silicone, ink formulation, coating, and printing technology. By bringing together our in-house expertise and global distribution network, we can help achieve excellence in any item printed using the pad, screen, or inkjet method.

Guided by innovative ideas for ink formulations and equipment, we offer comprehensive solutions for printing professionals in Boston, throughout the USA, and worldwide. Discover how our products can cement your production processes while transforming each label and image on your goods into aesthetic perfection.


Our inventory includes various high-performance printing necessities for creating one-of-a-kind patterns on a plethora of surfaces. Developed and tested by our in-house team, they can enable you to lock in exceptional quality for all your promotional and end-use items – with no shortcomings in adhesion and color vibrancy.


Print for unmatched durability with our uniquely formulated inks that can work for glass, nitrile, silicone, and other substrates. Unlike other ink companies in the USA, we create them on our own and perform safety and compliance testing here in Boston, so you don’t have to. Our inks are our pride and joy, considering their compatibility, color rendition, and adhesive properties. These are ensured at the highest level for all your solvent-based, water-based, silicone-based, and UV options. Nothing can beat this quality for screen, pad, and silicone printing.

Other supplies

Do you rely on tampography for decorating your products? Pads, hardeners, and ink cups are pivotal in facilitating the effective transfer of images from the plate to the object and ensuring each item you produce is a hallmark of excellence.

Our pad printing supplies are perfect for adding intricate details to items requiring precision, from miniature promotional products to small parts and components. Designed to fit different pad bases, they contribute to the ink’s adhesion and resistance properties on 3D objects and have you covered throughout multiple print cycles.

With Boston Industrial Solutions, you can also source the required hardeners and bases to enhance seamless ink distribution over the surface. Whether you are looking for a wood or plastic option, our bases are fully adjustable to printing machines and high-performance ink transfer techniques.


As a multifaceted Boston printing company, we can also strengthen your production facilities with single-color and multi-color pad printing machines to enable you to finish your parts on-site. Our VoltaR equipment excels in precise ink transfer to surfaces of various hardness, including silicone and metal. Whether your base pieces are flat or shaped, this line sets the stage for immaculate ink adhesion and the required colors on medical devices, sports items, clothing, and toys, among other objects. Are you worried about the learning curve for our industrial-grade machines? Feel free to opt for on-site training for your team, whether you’re investing in our pad, UV inkjet, or screen printing equipment.


screen and printing ink color matching services

We match custom colors and formulate inks

adhesion testing method

We match custom colors and formulate inks.

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What can we help with? To better assist you.


Boston Industrial Solutions, inc., works with ambitious clients in a broad range of industries, using deep knowledge and a collaborative approach to create and deliver innovative products and solutions across them all.
How We can Help You?
Whether you need a silicone, ink, or coating customized for you application or guidance in choosing a product that meets your requirements, our team of experts is here to help.


From our award-winning cylindrical inkjet printer and flatbeds to our pad printing equipment and lasers, Boston Industrial Solutions is
the top choice for printing experts in all industries. See how some of our customers utilize our equipment!

At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. Our commitment to sustainability ensures our everyday actions generate positive impact on the environment and society.
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Sustainable solutions for every business

Our industrial printing supplies will come in handy for numerous applications and end products, especially those involving appealing finishes, ornate patterns, and weather-resistant logos. Here are some of the industries that can benefit from our inks and equipment:
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Health care
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Automotive
We hone in on sustainability for all printing supplies and other solutions in Boston and overseas. Our formulation and production processes are orchestrated in a way that optimizes material usage for less waste while aligning with state, federal, and international environmental regulations. More importantly, we can adapt to ensure compliance if you have specific eco-friendliness standards to meet in your area.

We are open to special inquiries

Boston Industrial Solutions welcomes long-term partnerships for streamlined printing processes, technology, and products that set a new standard in the industry. Besides providing printers and supplementary items, we are happy o arrange expert consultations on custom color matching and effective equipment training. Dedicated to optimizing your capabilities and improving end products, our technicians can work out solutions in ink tailored to your applications, industry, and regulatory requirements.

Contact our team to share your special inquiries, get updated on our machines and supplies, or request a sample.

long-term partnerships
Follow us around the world as we demonstrate our latest and greatest products on different applications.


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