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Ink cup ring for each and every pad printer ink cup ever made. We have over 200 hundred OEM ceramic ring for pad printing ink cup. These replacement rings are guaranteed to fit your machine and are competitively priced. We use very high-quality material to manufacture these replacement rings. Additionally, they are available for every piece of pad printing equipment available today. Boston Industrial Solutions' rings are made of an extremely hard and chip-resistant zirconia material. This material is also resistant to solvents and pad printing inks, which makes it easy to clean. Available sizes range from 40mm to 210mm. We have over 200 different profiles for every possible OEM cup in the market. Available profiles include single sided, double sided, double wedge single edge, etc. We continually update the available rings. Read more about how we developed and continue to improve our ink cups for pad printing machines.

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90mm ring for pad printer ink cup

Replacement ink cup ring for 90mm Inkcups, Autoroll, Everbright, and Superprimex ink cups
  • Part Number: 90DSCR
  • Size (mm): OD 90mm / ID: 82mm / H13mm

53mm Ring (59mm)

This 53mm ink cup ring is developed for Tosh cups. It also goes by the name of 59mm ceramic ring.
  • Part Number: 59DSCR
  • Size (mm): OD 59mm/ ID 53mm/ H 10mm (ID 2.087 x H 0.380 x OD 2.320 inches)

60mm Ceramic Rings

This small form factor 60mm ink cup ring is perfect to use on small graphics.
  • Part Number: 60DSCR
  • Size (mm): OD 68.28mm / 60mm / 9.6mm

152mm ink cup ceramic ring

This is a replacement double-sided 152mm ink cup ceramic ring for large pad printer ink cups.
  • Part Number: 15214012.3DB2S
  • Size (mm): OD 152mm / ID: 140mm / H: 12.3mm

140mm winon pad printer ink cup ring

This 140mm single-sided ink cup ring for Winon pad printer manufactured inkcup.
  • Part Number: 14013014SB1S
  • Size (mm): OD: 140mm / ID: 130mm / H: 14mm

90mm single sided ink cup ring

This 90mm single sided ink cup replacement ring is made for Winon and Kent pad printing equipment
  • Part Number: 908212SSCR
  • Size (mm): OD: 90mm / ID: 82mm / H: 12mm

90 mm Ring, single-sided- Kent

This 90mm single-sided ceramic ring for Kent manufactured ink cups.
  • Part Number: 908212SB1S
  • Size (mm): OD: 90mm / ID: 82mm / H: 12mm

100 mm Ring, single-sided- Kent

This 100mm single-sided ink cup ring for Kent pad printer manufactured ink cup.
  • Part Number: 1009013SB1S
  • Size (mm): OD: 100mm / ID: 90mm / H: 13mm

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