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We offer a wide range of pad printing plate materials. These pad printing plates are suitable for laser engraving and traditional photosensitive alcohol or water wash methods. Pad printing plates (clichés) are one of the most important pad printing supplies. These cliches are compatible with CO2, fiber, and WFC laser engraving systems.

Additionally, our team of engineers is constantly innovating to create better and more sustainable laser-engravable pad printing plate materials to meet the ever-changing demands of the printing industry. All of our plate materials are scientifically designed and created to cater to different applications. The longevity of plate material impressions varies depending on factors such as maintenance, storage, and environmental conditions. Lastly, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, ensuring flexibility for our customers and competitive pricing at all times.

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Electra® blue laser plate material

The Electra™ blue laser plate material is a pad printing plate with a unique blue hard coating. It offers consistent plate thickness across batches, ensuring reliability and precise etch quality, and is a reliable choice for consistent results in pad printing.
  • Etch with an 10watt - 30watt fiber laser
  • Life of up to 20,000 - 25,000 impressions

Thick steel pad printing plate

The most durable printing plates to meet the demanding tolerance specifications of today’s open ink well and ink cup technologies.
  • made to withstand up to 1,000,000 impressions
  • available both as thick steel plate material or thick steel etched plates by Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

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