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Pad printing ink hardeners are cross-linkers that increase ink-film abrasion resistance and enhance durability. Hardeners for pad printing inks are also known as catalysts. Pad print hardeners are added to printing ink to make it more resistant to wear, tear, and in some cases withstand chemical and weather elements. Ink hardeners are critical additives  and are important in handling ink adjustments for better adhesion and image life.

Different inks use different hardeners; the ink and hardener have to be chemically compatible. It is therefore very important to match a screen- or pad-printing ink with the right ink hardener.

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LG Silicone ink catalyst

LG silicone ink catalyst is formulated to work with the SE , SE-F, CS inks.  This silicone ink catalyst works with all platinum-based silicone inks. Use the LG Catalyst with any pad printing, screen printing, and spraying silicone inks.

LS Silicone ink catalyst

LS silicone ink catalyst is formulated as an alternative to the LG silicone catalyst. It is less potent than the LG and will work with SE Series ink for printing on silicone rubber. Use the LS Catalyst for screen printing applications.

i-267X Hardener

Designed to make the MG ink series more resistant to wear on glass, ceramics, and metals. Use with: MG Series inks

i-300X Hardener

This is a General purpose pad print hardener for pad printing inks. Use with: TP • ST • EK • NxT series printing inks

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