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Pad printing machines are used in the industrial, medical device, toy, promotional, apparel, packaging, power tool, cosmetic, and many other industries to mark or label parts. Boston Industrial Solutions’ Volta® line offers 1- to 6-color capabilities as well as advanced inline automatic pad printing equipment. These closed-ink cup pad printer come equipped with the highest-quality silicone pad printing pads, printing plates, pad printing inks, and ink cup rings available on the market. Also, each machine has a custom-made pad printing fixture that holds your part and puts it in the right place for printing. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.'s Volta® pad printing equipment is great for printing on silicone, promotional items, glass, metal, and a wide range of other products. We offer real pad printing solutions to go with these machines. These solutions include pad printing supplies, spare parts, and training. A printer requires at least one plate (cliche) for the machine to run. Startups and contract printers who prefer to outsource laser plate etching services can take advantage of our plate making service. Other auxiliary equipment to consider includes laser plate-makers and plate-making exposure units. Interested in tagless pad printing?

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Volta® M6300SS 6-Color Pad printer

An automatic 6-color pad printer machine with independent print heads and a programmable precision servo-controlled indexing shuttle table is ideal for printing complicated multi-color parts such as hard hats (helmets).
  • Print images up to 90 mm (3.5 in).

M100 1-Color Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

A high-speed, 1-color tabletop pad printing machine for printing 4.5 in (110 mm) tall parts and images up to 3 in (80 mm). This  single color pad printer has a pad compression capability of 120 lbs. at 80 PSI.
  • 1-color tabletop pad printer
  • Print images up to 3.2″ (82 mm)

1-Color Pad Printing machine

The M150 single-color pneumatic pad printing machines provide unprecedented product decoration capability.
  • Increased pad compression.
  • Flexible, 100-mm ink cup size.

Volta® M2150S 2-Color Pad Printer

A 2-color printing machine with an industrial-grade, two-position pneumatic pad slide mechanism that simplifies pad printing part fixture.
  • 2-color pad printer with pad slide
  • Print images up to 3.2" (82mm) in size.
  • Excellent second color registration

Volta® M4150EP 4-color pad printer

An industrial-grade 4-color pad printer with an electro-pneumatic indexing shuttle table. This automatic pad printer is designed for quick printing job setup and changeover. It is capable of printing 3.2 inches (82 mm) in size.
  • 4-color pad printing machine
  • electro-pneumatic indexing shuttle table

Volta® M1200 Large Image Pad Printing Machine

This one-color, ink-cup pad printer is ideal for pad printing large parts. This machine handles 18" (455mm) tall parts and images up to 5" (140mm) in diameter.
  • 1 color pad printer
  • Print images up to 140 mm (5 in).

M150HLI Long image pad printer

This is a long-image, one-color pad printer that can print on promotional items, sports goods, and medical devices that are long.Print on baseball bats, rulers, catheters, and more.
  • 1-color pad printing machine for long images
  • Max image size: 90 x 350 mm

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