Pad printing on apparel has become a preferred choice for many textile and t-shirt screen printing companies. Some of the benefits of pad printing include ink drying instantly without the need for heat and short lead times. This is not only beneficial for the companies that have adopted pad printing for labeling care instructions on textiles, but also a sustainable practice. Here are reasons why you should switch to printed garment tags: Let’s explore the intricacies of pad printing on apparel.

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ink for t-shirt pad printing


There are several ways to label care instructions on t-shirts. These include sewn-in, heat transfer, screen printing, or pad printing. Sewn-in labels and heat transfer labels take time and consume large amounts of material—they are not sustainable. The alternatives are screen printing and pad printing. For pad printing, a tag printing machine for clothes is an excellent option for those looking to switch from cumbersome processes such as sawn-in or heat transfer labels. This printing process uses ink for pad printing on textiles, printing pads, and a printing plate. Learn more about pad printing supplies.


Polyester and polyblends are the most common materials used in sportswear manufacturing. These materials absorb sweat quickly. Additionally, polyester-based fabrics allow sweat to evaporate quickly. Because these materials are thin and very absorbent, screen printing on sportswear is a great tagless application. Use SilTex HD screen-printing silicone inks with the Volta S150 small screen-printing machine. S150 screen printers coupled with Silicone HD inks deliver bright white, vibrant prints.

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pad printing ink for undergarments


Undergarments, like other apparel, also require care instruction labels. Durable and soft-feeling printing inks are perfect for this apparel application. SilTex silicone inks and ST inks for pad printing deliver stunning and durable prints. Silicone screen printing inks are light in nature and have a soft feel. In addition, they never crack or fade and last a lifetime. SilTex HD inks are PVC-free and skin-contact-safe. ST Series pad printing ink for textiles is another excellent ink for undergarment printing. This ink dries quickly and has a pleasant smell, which makes it perfect for use in any industrial pad printing environment. Additionally, it is non-toxic, and we use fade-resistant pigments.

Learn more about the ST Series ink for rubber.


There are very many applications for non-slip socks (grip socks, anti-slip socks). During the winter and in hospitals, many people prefer to wear comfortable, nonslip, nonskid socks. These socks are not only great for hospitals but also for kids and adults alike. For this application, we offer the SilTex AS series anti-slip silicone ink for socks. This Anti-Slip Silicone Printing Ink for Socks has high friction (grip), a soft hand feel, and is easy to print manually or with automatic machines. Learn more about anti-slip ink for socks.

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