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High performance Two-part low friction silicone coatings formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction on the surface of silicone parts. Our durable low friction coating for silicone alleviates surface tackiness and blocking (sticking to themselves by virtue of chemical affinity) in applications in which silicone rubber materials come into contact with each other or other surfaces. Typical applications include molded parts, molded rubber stoppers, O-rings, gaskets, accordions, and cables. These low coefficient of friction silicone coatings also make the coated part easy to clean, repel dust, and protect silicone ink prints and markings.

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STC370HP Low friction silicone coating

High purity Low Friction Coatings for Silicone elastomers.
  • Coat medical device applications,
  • Consumer electronics,
  • Skin contact silicone products,
  • Industrial applications

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