Printing on hard hats (helmets) is not only a great way to promote your business but also a way to showcase safety information. A hard hat does more than protect your head; it represents you, your company, your achievements, and even your patriotism. Our top-quality hard hat pad printing machines and ink for hard hat printing help contractor printers put your custom logo or slogan on helmets accurately, effectively, and quickly.

Most hard hats are made using ABS plastic material. While this material is challenging to print, we offer several pad printing supplies and printing equipment. These machines enable users to print anything from a simple single-color machine to a complex six-color custom logo on hard hats.

pad printing hard hats
printing on helmets


Pad printing on hard hats is a cost-effective option for decorating these safety items. Tampo printing, also known as pad printing, is ideal for both long runs and simple logo (1–6 colors) prints. This printing method offers flexibility for these oddly shaped, large products. To print multiple colors on hard hats, you need a multi-color pad printing machine. Additionally, this equipment requires a servo-driven pad printing fixture, pad printing supplies such as silicone printing pads, and ink for the substrate. This combination allows the decorator to properly position and print the helmets.

Also, pad printing is a practical way to print on hard-to-reach, uneven surfaces.


Custom pad-printed hard hats enable companies to advertise their company’s logo or tagline. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., has several hard-hat pad printing machines that come as turn-key systems. These machines for printing hard hats come in various sizes and capabilities. With these machines, it is possible to print 1–6 colors. The Volta® M6300SS pad printing machines have 120mm (4.7”) ink cups, perfect for printing large logos. The M1200 large image pad printer has a 140mm ink cup for printing images up to 5″. For multicolor printing, decorators require a 4- or 6-color pad printing machine. The volta machines are the best machines for printing custom logos on hard hats.

ink for printing hard hats


TP ink for hard hats is a great pad printing ink for ABS material, which is used to make most hard hats. The ABS plastic material has great chemical and impact resistance. In addition, this material is also light in weight. Additionally, the TP Series ink adheres to many substrates, including coated metal, wood, paper, plastics, and especially ABS. This ink features high gloss, high opacity, chemical, and abrasion resistance. For these reasons, this ink is the best ink for pad printing on hard hats.

Learn how to find the right pad printing ink and visit our YouTube channel to learn more about printing technologies and applications.

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