Screen Printing Silicone Inks for textiles

Silicone inks are an environmentally friendly, high-performance option for textile printing inks. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., printing silicone system is formulated to provide the perfect viscosity, screen stability, printability, and pot-life required to print efficiently. All our silicone inks lines are durable, high-quality and looks great, feels soft and doesn’t crack, fade or run. This makes our screen printing silicone inks the perfect ink for textiles and apparel such as t-shirts, shoes, shoelaces, socks, and performance fabrics. These SilTex screen printing inks have a high degree of stretch and durability in the wash process. SilTex silicone inks have a low cure temperature. This makes them them the ideal ink choice for 100% polyester performance fabrics.

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HD Screen Printing Silicone Ink

  • The perfect substitute for plastisol
  • High opacity colors for printing on apparel
  • Extremely durable, with a rich, expensive, and soft feel. Print on cotton, polyester, poly-blends and more.

GR silicone screen printing ink

  • High Gloss, Extreme flexible ink with round finish.
  • Inert, compliant, Safe (BPA Free)
  • Applications: Cotton, Wool, Polyester, and Performance textiles.

SilTex® XF Silicone ink

The SilTex XF has excellent resistance to abrasion. This feature makes this printing ink an excellent ink for screen printing on horse riding pants, seat-grips, and knee-grip breeches. Applications: Cotton, Wool, Polyester, and Performance textiles.

SilTex® AS – Silicone ink for Socks

  • Two component silicone ink with high friction for gripping / Non-slip / Anti-slip applications
  • Very safe, BPA free, and easy to print
  • Print Non Slip Grip Yoga Socks,  Non Skid Hospital socks, Anti-slip gloves, and more.

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