Inks for silicone rubber printing

Natron inks for silicone rubber printing are 2-component silicone inks formulated to print on silicone rubber parts. These inks are screen, pad printed, or sprayed. The SE ink for silicone rubber is opaque, glossy, flexible, and exceptionally resistant to chemicals and abrasion.


Silicone rubber is a very useful substrate, however, it is very hard to print. To print on silicone, the ink for silicone rubber must be durable and easy to use. All these are features packed in Natron silicone inks. These inks are ideal for printing silicone wristbands, phone cases, medical devices and more.


Silicone products are everywhere! Read about the top 7 ink applications for printing on silicone with silicone ink.


Our Silicone inks will adhere onto any platinum based silicone rubber. As a result, they will adhere onto any silicone rubber substrate. The reason is because the only thing that adheres to silicone is silicone. Once cured, silicone ink can bend, stretch, and move with silicone substrate.

Characteristics of silicone

Silicone rubbers have excellent electrical properties, good chemical stability, and flame retardant. In addition, they exhibit superior resistance to heat and cold. As a result, this makes silicone rubber one of the most commonly used material by OEM’s. As a result silicone rubber works well for many applications including medical devices. Our inks for silicone rubber are non-toxic, heavy metal free and compliant. These inks have the most certifications compared to any other inks on the market today. Because our inks are silicone, the exhibit the same characteristics as silicone rubber. Once fully cured, Natron silicone inks will hold up to anything silicone can.

Applying silicone inks

There are several silicone ink lines. These are:

  • SE Series silicone ink can be either pad printed, screen printed, or sprayed.
  • Siliart Series formulated for color filling engraved silicone rubber.
  • DC Series silicone inks – these inks will air cure. This ink for silicone rubber works best for sensitive silicone products. Molded silicone rubber parts that cannot withstand high heat are perfect for printing with DC series. Learn more about our silicone primers for bonding silicone rubber to other substrates.

NOTE: While we recommend pad printing, due to the ease, screen printing can certainly be an option. Pad printing lays down less ink to achieve the same look. Pad printing has lower ink cost compared to screen printing. Learn more about our Natron inks for silicone rubber printing.