Printing silicone products is challenging, yet silicone products are everywhere. Some examples of some daily silicone products are, spatulas, wristbands, swim-caps, etc.  So, how can silicone printing be simplified? How can simplified silicone printing help you take on new silicone decorating opportunities?

The challenges: Printing silicone rubber:

Because printing experts are asking these questions about printing silicone, it is important to come up with innovative solutions. First, lets explore the challenges and finally offer solutions to these challenges.

Some of the challenges when printing on silicone are:

  • Paste ink – These inks require multiple components  (solvent, catalyst, ink) to mix. The customer is actually making the ink.
  • Translucent- Not Opaque prints  (current industry inks are transparent and require double hitting to print)
  • Lack of glossy printing ink
  • Consistent ink quality–The current inks vary in particle sizes in every batch.

In addition to these challenges, printing companies also experience wastage and higher productions costs both in terms of labor and production material costs due to the silicone ink. The poorly formulated silicone inks cause all these challenges and inefficiencies. Yet, decorating companies continue to print with these inks because they do not have an alternative, until now.

The solution.

This is printing silicone simplified. Introducing the Natron™ SE Series Silicone ink line from Boston Industrial Solutions.  Because we understand the above customer frustrations, we formulated our ink to solve all customer printing pain points.

Our approach was to create an innovative silicone ink for screen and pad printing.

The Natron™ SE series silicone ink, a two component silicone ink that is easy to use.   Because the ink is a real ink with flow (Not a paste), it is very easy to mix and use.  Simply, add the catalyst to the ink, mix it and print your product.  Customers do not need to add any solvent to the ink.  In addition, the inks are made of pure silicone, giving you a peace of mind that there are no strange materials in the ink.  The Natron SE ink is very opaque. Just pad print once!  These features save time, labor, and the amount of ink used for printing.

Additional solutions.

  • Pouring kit  designed to fit on all of our containers. This pouring kit prevents ink any spillage or wastage.
  • Mixing instructions guide in English  and Spanish. The mixing guide contains easy to understand mixing, printing and drying instructions. The mixing guide provided to you for free. You can download the guide on our website, and is included as part of every order.
  • Because we know that customers face the challenge of determining if the product that they have is real silicone, we offer a free testing lab. Send your product to us, and in less that 24 hrs, we will provide you with a complete report on the product and a solution for your product.
  • 24/7 access free to our ink specialists.  Call us today +1 (781) 281 -2558 or send us an email by clicking here