Ruby Stick Cleaning swabs are ideal for cleaning high tech equipment, specialty shops, and industrial inkjet machines.  The RS-21 Cleaning swab have a soft polyester head. During cleaning, the ruby sticks leaves no lint behind. One of the key features of the RS-21 sticks is an angled head which enables them to reach the tightest spaces.  The swabs porous fiber head absorbs cleaning fluid and debris.  Click here to visit or buy cleaning swabs (SPC- 386 Swabs)

Typical Ruby Stick (RS-21) swabs applications:

The RS-21 is ideal for cleaning LCD production workshops and  industrial printers. Cotton type swabs leave cotton strands behind. Compare to cotton swabs, the RS-21 swabs leaves the place dirt, dust, and lint free.

Also, the Ruby Stick cleaning swabs have heat resistance and strong corrosion resistance. This makes them ideal for use in extreme situations and with chemicals.

Ideal machines: