Top 5 Silicone ink applications

The Natron™ SE Silicone ink is for screen and pad printing silicone applications.  The SE silicone ink meets and exceeds the final user’s expectations.  The SE ink  is durable, resistant to bending & stretching, compliant and glossy. In this article, we cover the top five screen and pad printing silicone ink applications. In addition, these top applications will showcase some of the SE inks key features.

The Silicone ink applications:

  • Ability to withstand very high temperatures 400°F+ degrees: Silicone material is able to withstand very high temperatures.  As a result, you can use the ink to print on oven mitts.  Not only will the ink withstand the high temperatures, but the ink will also easily withstand rubbing against whatever you’ll might be mixing.
  • Food grade silicone ink: The SE silicone ink is made of pure silicone.  Because of this reason, the ink to print can be use to print on spatulas, silicone baking mat, and many other other cookware applications.
  • High resistance to scratching, bending and stretchingSE silicone inks are the most flexible in the industry. Items that stretch like, swimming caps, silicone wristbands would be ideal to print with the SE silicone ink.
  • Durability: When printed on a product, the SE ink becomes part of the product.  This feature makes the ink perfect for keyboard buttons or controllers, allowing it to handle constant pressing.
  • These key characteristics give the Natron™ SE series silicone inks the ability to perform extremely well when used for both days to day application, medical applications, and extreme applications.
  • Other silicone ink applications are promotional products made of silicone rubber. The number of silicone ink application that can be printed using the silicone ink are endless.  So, when you think of promoting your brand using silicone product, make sure you use the Natron SE silicone inks.