Special effects – Pad Printing Ink for Glass

The Natron™ MG pad printing ink for glass has special effect colors. An example is the MG Series 992 Etch pad printing glass ink.

This ink produces images that look laser engraved. Unlike glass etching technique or laser engraving, pad printing with the Natron™ MG 992 ink produces fine details and lines. Achieving these fine details is not achievable with laser etching.

This Etch Pad Printing Ink for Glass is great because it looks great and saves money at the same time. It is also easy to print. The cost to print is a fraction of a penny!

Additionally, the 992 Etch pad printing ink for glass is not limited to pad printing. This ink can be screen printed as well. Depending on the Volta pad printer machine, a decorator can produce about 1000 – 1800 prints per hour irrespective of the image detail.

You can laser etch glass without buying a laser. You can pad print from 1000 to 1800 images per hour and unlike a laser, it does not matter how detailed the image is!

More about Natron™ 992 Etch ink.

About the Natron MG Series pad printing inks:

The Natron™ MG Series is a 2-componet Pad printing ink for glass. This pad printing ink requires the i-240x hardener and a solvent (Type TSM) to pad print on glass. For screen printing, this ink uses the type TSR or the TSS solvents. Once the ink is mixed with these two components, the prints are exceptional. The MG inks score exceedingly high on adhesion. It comes in a variety of opaque mixing colors and special effects. The MG series inks are also Non-Toxic, free from heavy metals, high density, high opacity inks.

Products used to print the images:

Machine type: Pad printer machine
Make & Model: Volta™ M150 1 Color table top pad printer.

Pad printing ink: Natron™ MG pad printing glass inks.

Pad printing additives and Auxiliaries: Natron™ TSM Solvent, Natron™ i-240x Hardener, Natron™ G1 Glass primer.
Typical applications: glass, drinkware, stainless steel, coffee mugs, pens, stress balls, syringes, contact lenses, tagless t-shirts etc.
More info: Volta™ M150 1-Color tabletop pad printing machine.