Tagless Printing Machines

T-Shirt tagless printing machines and products from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc, including pad printers, screen printers, inkjet printers, inks, plate-makers, plates, and supplies for tagless printing. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. manufactures and supplies the best tagless label printing machines for t-shirt and other textile. Boston Industrial offers the most comprehensive tagless printing machines. Let’s look at the different available options.

Screen printing: Volta™ S150 Tagless printing machine

Textiles were meant to be screen printed not pad printed. Screen printing is the best way for tagless printing. The Volta™ S150 Screen printer is the first tagless label printing machine. This machine boasts:

  • High speed printing. (1550 prints per hour)
  • Bright white tagless printing without the gimmicks
  • Affordability (Save over $7,000 compared to other bright white tagless printing options)
  • Efficiency (compact table top design).
  • Easy care label customization and design changes.

This 1-color screen printer is the industry standard for tagless pad printing, boasting over 3.15″ prints and upto 1500iph.  This machine is ideal to use with  Natron™ ST series ink or the RW series screen printing – a proprietary tagless screen printing ink that will not dry on the screens but dries to touch in seconds on printed material. The RW screen printing ink will withstand over 50 industrial washes. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is the only company that offers screen printing as a true tagless printing option. The Volta S150 is also ideal for face mask printing application. Check out Volta™ S150 screen printer world premiere

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Pad printing: Tagless printing machines

The Volta™ M150 1-color tabletop care label printing machine is a high-speed pad printer. This machines comes second after the  S150 screen printer. This machine is unique and has tons of features and capabilities.

The M150 1-color tabletop care label printing machine has a 90mm cup for printing up to 80 mm (3.15 in) in diameter. This machine is also to print smaller images up to 2 inches in diameter. Smaller cups are a great way to reduce ink usage. This machine works with our pad printing plates (clichés) for tagless printing and ST garment printing ink. This pad printing machine is the perfect addition to any apparel production facility. Just like the Volta S150, the M150 care label printing machine eliminates the need for heat transfer labels. Printing at top speed, this machine’s is capable of printing 1300IPH. This machine is ideal for companies that need to also print on promotional products and industrial applications. Examples include branding pens or silicone with silicone inks for a promotional events or labeling plastic injection-molded parts.

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Volta™ M2150 2-color Care Label Printing Machine

Thi 2-color care label printing machine option features a  slide mechanism. This feature keeps the garment stationary. This allows for flawless second-color registration and printing.

The Volta™ M2150 also has a membrane touch control makes. This feature makes it simple to program all setup features. We designed this machine with XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies. Additionally it also has a tool free quick-adjust. This feature increase efficiency and reduces make-ready time and increase productivity.

Also, the pad slide mechanism allows for the accommodation of large pad printing pads. This mechanism is extremely heavy-duty. This machine is perfect when future production volumes are unknown or likely to increase.

This machine is perfect to print shop that have the Volta™ 150. These tagless printing machines share the same plate size, hence no need for stocking different plates sizes.

Another popular function of the Volta™ M2150 pad printer is for promotional and industrial applications. Want to learn more about pad printing? Visit our pad printing ink guide.

Conclusion: Tagless printing machines

Boston offers the most complete and economical tagless printing solutions, backed by excellent service, global support and fast delivery. From bright white printing machines to multi color printing solutions. This is unlike any other Tagless Printing supplier on the market. We not only make the products that we install, but we also take complete ownership of tagless printing for t-shirts and under garments. We offer it all.